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This day started out crappy....This was ANOTHER Day 1 for me.

I decided after some really great tough love and encouragement posts in the intro thread....to "just do it".

So if you don't count breakfast, it was pretty damn good.


3 eggs (well, one double yolker and one regular) from my own hens

cheddar cheese

2 slices bacon

coffee with pastured raw cream

3 chocolate chip cookies. i know. right? stop yelling, I'm already at capacity.


patty pan (some know it as scallop) summer squash 1/2 with ground beef and tomato paste

1/4 cup sweet potatoes grilled and reheated

handful of cherry tomatoes

2 dates


zucchini/egg cakes

1/2 grass fed "roast" that was the size of a two palm steak.

drizzled whole plate with olive oil

apple, handful of coconut flakes cooked in coconut oil, drizzled a little coconut milk on top.

i was probably short on water today.

I'm ok with this day, but tomorrow will be perfect.

Thanks to everyone who prodded me, you know who you are.



p.s. I should say that my goals are to detox myself from sugar and wheat, determine if dairy is an issue (I don't suspect that it is, but who knows?) and really create a solid habit of the protein/veggie/fat way of eating. if I could somehow jumpstart some weight loss I wouldn't complain about that either. I'm 40 lbs away from the weight I remember being at before I got pregnant with child #1.....which is 180. I have a long trail hike coming up next summer, two actually for a total of 35 miles, and I'd really like to be in better shape, and be more savvy about food by then.

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Day 2

coffee with coconut milk

zucchini sweet potato "hasH" with 2 eggs

another cup of coffee with raw pastured cream

just realized I forgot my lunch.

Uhm.......it is payday so I can go out, I'll figure this one out somehow.


Ended up at the grocery store, bought a hunk of pre-cooked brisket (no sugar on ingredients list) and some sausage (should have read this more carefully) and some canned peaches, only ingredient peaches! and a handful of macadamia nuts. Note the missing veggies!!! Ooops. Also didn't realize until after the fact that the sausage had some undesirable stuff in it. What did I learn? READ THE LABELS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so totally excited to go food shopping tomorrow...it's ridiculous.

Dinner is fend for yourself tonite, and it's also grocery shopping time, so most likely I'll eat the lunch I Forgot, which is the same as last nights dinner.

Zucchini, sweet potato hash in coconut oil would probably have been REALLY good if I didn't burn it. I need to be more generous with the coconut oil methinks.

Also spending way too much time on breakfast in the am, have been since I quit cereal and toast two years ago I guess...so this weekend I'm going to make some stuff ahead to heat up in the am.

Off to slog through my work day.....

**update** All in all (except for sausage) I feel like Day 2 was a TOTAL success and I'm stoked for day 3. Also hope to get some good walks and a couple of hikes in this weekend.

i'd like to get some heavier duty exericse in but my back/neck/shoulder are so fragile and fussy, I'm terrified of setting myself back to where I was in November and having 20 visits to the chiropractor since then! I love my chiro, but really???

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Nice to see your log Marie!! Welcome to Day 2! Good for you... other than the cream in your coffee, you're doing fantastic! Good luck at lunch!!

You should try making an egg bake recipe for your breaky, then you just re-heat and serve! Voila... I'll see if I can find a link to one for you.

Have a great day!

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Thanks Lola, I've got several, and I"m SURE i'm going to employ them....:-)

I had coconut milk in my early coffee, which I LOVE, but when i got to work i just couldn't hack the black coffee, so i put in a splash of raw cream i had left in the fridge from home, that was the last of it... :D

Psyched about this.....:-)

I'm also happy that I'm getting hungry a whole hour later today than usual.....I'm usually QUITE hungry by 10....it's 11, and I'm just starting to rumble.

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Here is a link to a recipe from the foodie website. I remembered after that Faith said that was where she got the recipe.. she really likes that site. They have an entire W30 compliant section... check it out for some fun creations in the kitchen!

Good for you, sounds like everything is coming together!

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Here is a link to a recipe from the foodie website. I remembered after that Faith said that was where she got the recipe.. she really likes that site. They have an entire W30 compliant section... check it out for some fun creations in the kitchen!

Good for you, sounds like everything is coming together!

Yes, I've spent MUCHOS time at that site, and pinned everything I liked...thank you! :D

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Day Three

woke up early, did dishes, tended chickens and dogs, showered, ate small handful of macadamia nuts and one date, a cup of coffee with coconut milk and hit Hannafords.

I had a glorious cart full of veggies and meat, spent $200.00 including a stick of deodorant, freezer bags and coffee filters.

I had planned to make chicken soup for tonite but i came home to a dinner invite from brother/sister in law, .....not sure yet what's on the menu. Not worried.


5 mini sweet peppers

5 olives (I will elaborate on these in a moment)

2 eggs (one double yolker) and 4 Jones All Natural Sausages (Yay for the label on these beauties!!!, now let's just hope there is no scandalous information about how badly they treat their animals)

Lindsay is the brand of olives that I got. They seemed expensive, but they were the ONLY olives in the store that ONLY had olives water and sea salt, they really taste like butter, they have a beautiful texture and light buttery flavor. DELICIOUS, and I only JUST started eating olives this week....so far I'm not thrilled about any of them except for these.

I checked out the "local" sausages and bacons, hams, kielbasas etc. ALL full of sulfites. Boo Hiss.

I'm off to do some pre-cooking for the week, will do more tomorrow.....once I have more eggs.


snacked a little too much today, dates, coconut and beet chips.

Dinner: shaved steak, onion, 1/2 head of bok choy and a poached egg, ate till I felt really full, and I was hungry an hour later. I cannot tell you how much I hate that feeling.

Had bananas and coconut milk lwhat a disaster. the frozen bananas wouldnt chop in the blender (my blender is a P.O.S) and the banana had that under-ripe flavor, so I took a few sips of the smoothie like consistency adn went to bed feeling pretty nauseous (which could have been from the melatonin and tylenol i took together on a mostly empty stomach. Blech!!!

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Up early again, tending chickens, straining iced coffee concentrate, cooking down kale and putting Creamy Coconut Chicken into crockpot for supper.

Haven't had breakfast yet, still working on this iced coffee. Feel pretty slow and sleepy today.

Have figured out my favorite brands of coconut milk....although Goya is the cheapest and I have a couple of cans I have to use up, I like Native Forest and Thai Kitchen, in that order. I'm just sad that it's over $3.00 a can. Jesus.

Going to make the olive oil mayonnaise today.

Put on a tight pair of denim shorts yesterday and they weren't so tight...I thought about weighing myself this morning but then I thought, I'm going to keep this up for the duration so what difference does it make how much I weigh? I am going to log my food though and keep track of percentages of fat/protein/carbs just for my own knowledge.

Here's to a great day 4.... (most of which i may spend lounging) ***(I SO did not spend this day lounging, funny to read this..lol)***


3 eggs

4 sausages

1/2+ huge beefsteak tomato with olive oil and salt

(when i made this plate, I thought oh god, what a pig, I'll never eat all of this. Well I did, and I wasn't hungry until past my usual lunch time, lesson learned!)


shaved steak, one baby cabbage from garden, couple of teeny garden onions

2tbsp homemade mayo (steak bomb!!!)


creamy coconut chicken soup, whole family loved this, (I could have dealt with less italian seasoning, and I had already halved it. )

later that night, small granny smith apple and sunflower butter, i was just to hungry to wait until morning

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Nope, during the week I eat at 6;30 religiously (up at 6)

On the weekends I might wait till 8 or so, but not usually 10 or 11....the morning I got groceries, I ate a date and some nuts to hold me till breakfast. :-) Thanks for looking out for me! M

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Sorry to hear that you're still feeling hungry after meals... you should search through the trouble shooting thread, maybe you'll find someone who has/had a similar issue and see how they got through.... I hope you work it out soon. Nothing is worse than feeling hungry after you've just eaten....

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Day 5

Today has been an interesting day. I actually took an honest-to-goodness nap on the couch just now. I worked hard yesterday, lugging concrete blogs, shoveling, lifting/throwing/stacking firewood, gardening, mowing, etc. This morning i pulled brush/limbs and created a giant brush pile for a total of two hours,showered, sat in the sun for a while, and the napped. Phew!

I was kind of rushed through breakfast because we had wood to cut....

4 Jones sausages

nearly a cup of cherry tomatoes (I'm getting tired of eating these but there's easily another 3-4 quarts out there to be picked before all of the fruit is ripened and gone, good grief)

1/2 banana, 1 tbsp sunflower butter


small closed handful macadamia nuts

pile of dried beets and sweet potatoes

leftover steak, leftover shredded chicken with hot sauce (Frank's Hot Sauce has nothing in it for scary mystery ingredients!)

1 date


chicken sausages, grilled red peppers, 1/2 of a large bunch of spinach, grilled lemons

1/2 avocado sliced on the side

small granny smith apple cubed and sauteed with cinnamon and some dried coconut flakes

(haven't eaten yet but plan to pile up my plate because Im tired of being hungry before bed. Im easily able to go between breakfast and lunch without feeling too hungry now.

How I'm feeling today:

sleep and relaxed now, but as I said I've worked hard this weekend.

Cravings are pretty bad today.

Down 1" on my waist since last week but I suspect that's because my near constant bloat is gone.

Day 6 here I come!

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Day 6.

Wow, I woke up this morning feeling miserable.

I am tried and groggy and clumsy and ugly.


2 eggs, 1 sweet potato "fritter" for breakfast

2 tbsp coconut milk in my chai tea (just finishing tea at 11:15)


handful of olives *ate ate 11:00 because I was hungry*

avocado *was totally brown, threw it away

2 salmon/pumpkin/almond cakes

homemade mayo

big ol' pile of kale *had to choke this down, VERY gritty.

*I intend to eat ALL of this at lunch....I hate the 3 pm crash.

**`1pm, UGH.UGH.UGH. I'm achey all over and just want to climb into bed and sleep.


venison soup

(venison, parsnips, onions, water, seasoning, crock potted for 10 hours, left on "warm" all day, will probably finely chop some spinach and stir that in when I get home, before we eat)

I have to finish laundry, bake cookies and fight with my son to do dishes tonite, so the less cooking to do the better.

I'm going to chill on the fruit/potato for a few days....because I am afraid of gaining!!!

Is this a bad idea?

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Day 7

Had to cook breakfast and lunch this morning.....not great planning.

Breakfast: 4 sausages, 2 eggs (one huge, one medium) 1/3 of a large zucchini (leftover) 1/2 avocado, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: ground beef. onion, seasoning, tops of one head of spinach, other 1/2 of avocado, 1/2 huge beefsteak tomato with mayo (this avocado tasted gross to me, I didn't even eat the full other 1/2...yuck yuck yuck)

Supper: hamburgers...have been craving them.....will eat with mayo and a steamed veggie

*2:45. Well for starters, I'm hungry....stomach is rumbling. I didn't eat my tomato at lunch either because the ground beef/spinach really made me feel full. About 15 minutes ago I had to RUN for the ladies room which is on the opposite end of the bldg from me....my poor stomach :( We're talking, liquid evacuation. Ugh. I hate this part. I hope it's over soon. *whimper* Brain fog, crankiness, sleepies, clumsiness seems to be better today however, so yay for small victories, oh, another of which will be that my stomach above my waistline (muffin top?) is half the size it was a week ago, that's a lot of bloating!!!!!!!!!! :)

Day 7 conquered. Cuddled up in bed tonite with the ISWF book again, and re read some parts that didn't sink in as well last week through all of my enthusiasm for this program. I panicked today about my totally upset tummy and went to my Holistic Health Clinic and bought some PREMIUM probiotic capsules. After my re-reading session I now see that that probably wasn't necessary, but I own them now, so I'm going to take them. I spoke with a naturopath when I stopped in, and she said regardless of the sauerkraut/kimchi suggestions, this wouldn't hurt me, so I'm going to take the damned things.

After supper I toasted some coconut flakes and almonds and chopped them up, tossed with a sliced banana and a tbsp of coconut milk and some cinnamon. I'm beginning to think about my food relationships. I've ALWAYS been the one that wanted something "special" after dinner to wrap up the day. Sometimes I'm perfectly fine with a cup of creamy coffee or tea or some toasted nuts, or fruit. It doesn't always have to be something sugary and sinful. This is not something I'm likely to give up either....I'm not sure where I was going with that, so....let's just let it sit there and "be" LOL


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-Spent some time last night thinking about this whole thing (no pun intended) and what life after elimination will be like.

-I'm actively trying to lose weight, this challenge is a side-step from my low carb diet in the way that I'm focusing on detoxing from sugar/wheat so that I can climb back on the atkins wagon and successfully get to my goal weight.

-while i am loving the fruit and sweet potato, I dont' think I"m going to be able to lose while eating them, but we'll see.

-Feeling a little brighter this morning, woke up easier, wasn't clumsy swollen-eyed and grouchy.


breakfast "pizza" (lb of sausage in a cast iron pan, spread chopped garlic on top, topped that with sweet potato pancakes already made, baked till hot all of the way through, cracked 5 eggs on top, baked some more. two eggs slid off, oh well.)

peppermint tea


ground beef patties, homemade mayo, medium tomato




toasted almonds

chai tea coconut milk

*pretty damned hungry at 11am, but that's better than 10!

*having some cravings today, specifically for cheddar cheese and diet coke. *frown*

*the problem with today is that I'm less than thrilled about my lunch....which has me thinking about other things.

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-Feeling a little brighter this morning, woke up easier, wasn't clumsy swollen-eyed and grouchy.

It's nice when things finally settle down and you wake up feeling like you want to get out of bed. I think I actually have a fear of going through that again, and it's strong enough that I won't go back to any of the eliminated contraband... well, not as a way of life anyway!

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It's nice when things finally settle down and you wake up feeling like you want to get out of bed. I think I actually have a fear of going through that again, and it's strong enough that I won't go back to any of the eliminated contraband... well, not as a way of life anyway!

These are precisely the things that I am thinking about Lola.....Hope you have a good day.

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That breakfast sounds great!

I didn't find it terribly delicious. I think the allure in sausage for me (allure/sausage? That just sounds ridiculous) is the crispy outer edges when you fry a patty in a hot pan....I like having breakfast ready made, just reheat....but I don't think I would make this again. I'd cook the sausage ahead...and cook the eggs fresh that morning. The eggs were hard and rubbery. :-(
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