Need a little encouragement!

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First week was a breeze. I was excited over menu planning, reading ISWF, stimulated by the new challenge, so on...


Second week, it sank in. I was craving big time! It was difficult to enjoy the food, no matter how beautifully I prepared it. Consciously I know I was doing something great for my body, but at the same time, I felt miserable, stressed over craving too much, and had low energy.


I guess I wasn't expecting to feel this way halfway through the program. Tell me it gets better! 




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It does get better! (And you can still have some mochi after your Whole30 is over.)


If you'd like some specific tips, post a couple of days' worth of meals, water intake, exercise, sleep, stress, any other factors you consider relevant, and maybe we can help.


Cravings could mean any number of things. It could be that a craving indicates that you need to find a new habit to replace the old food-related habit you had. It could be that the craving indicates that you're hungry (this is especially true if you are a woman approaching your period - we need to eat lots during that time). It could be that the craving indicates that one or more of your meals is a bit light - this is especially true if breakfast is light - it can set you up for hunger and cravings all day. It could be that you are eating more fruits, nuts, and nut butters than you had thought you were - those things can keep your sugar dragon awake and roaring.


Those are some general thoughts, but post some info for us here, and let us help you. In the meantime, deep breaths, eat if you're hungry, and know that it does get better!

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Thank you Amy! Stress and lack of exercise definitely contribute to the challenge. I was going to the gym regularly before I started W30, but have only gone on the weekends since. I fell into the illusion that since I'm eating healthy anyways, I can get by! Ha! As far as meal prep, Ive been portioning my food based on the template, limiting fruits to berries.

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