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May I Introduce Myself... ;-)


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Greetings Whole30 family - Michael Here...


My Testimony:

I have just completed my first 30 days of Whole30 and am absolutely amazed by what is happening in my life. I have struggled with discipline all my life, and I am being transformed in more ways than one. I am a Christian, and was introduced to Whole30 by a Sister in Christ. I told her that God is using this program to change me, and He is! Not only in my physical health, but also in my emotional, social, and spiritual health as well.


My Journey:

I started out great and within a week, I knew this was going to be good.

At day 15, I ordered a salad, and half way through I realized there were canned Mandarin Oranges on it - they had added sugar...

I chose to restart! This was a critical milestone for me. When I thought about "Restart", at first it was not pleasant. Then it hit me...this is my body, my life, my soul, my well being...and a miracle happened...I actually WANTED to restart...What??? I have never WANTED to go back to square one with anything, and this time it is different. I actually had another restart, and on April 13th 2015 I made it thorough the first leg of my Whole30 Journey.


My LIfe:

Whole30? Whole60? 90??? How bout WholeLife!! Really, I am a "Lifer", I may reintroduce certain things, and that is yet to be seen. All I know is I never want to go back to Food With No Breaks. That term is so TRUE, it cannot be overstated.


My Outlook:

I look forward to an exciting life of good eating (and other good things), and want to meet as many of you as possible, and share this journey with you.


Love Michael


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