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giving up coffee with cream and sweetener is going to be hard!

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Hi there

I don't enjoy black coffee either

I finally gave it up after 30 years!! messes with your cortisol levels We've been discussing this for weeks


jmcbn, on 20 Jun 2015 - 2:16 PM, said:

It's believed to be something to do with the organic acids found in the bean and their effect on the neurotransmitters. Also the high levels of antioxidants in the bean effect insulin sensitivity, which in turn creates inflammation and hyper-sensitivity, which in turns raises the cortisol levels, which means more glucose..... and so the cycle continues.

Now I drink iced tea and I premake it with 5 bags to 12 oz cup in the microwave allow it to cool and pour it into a 20 oz container filled with ice refrigerate overnight add water if it's too strong

I prefer it strong Enjoy it in the morning

It's not my thing so I won't go overboard It's cleansing and refreshing Give it a try!

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