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Sept 1 2012 start date


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HI all

Chosing Sept 1 as my start date. I did paleo/primal for the first time last summer half heartedly and got half hearted results. Go figure! LOL I am 55, been off work( work in nursing area) since may 2011 because of continuous back and knee issues. Have arthritis in back and knees ( knees are very bad but since eating gluten free have had no arthritic pain) however last may began what has been diagnosed as sciatica. It was severe last May then by Oct dr put me off work onto long term disabliity - Ct scan showed degeneration, herniation and osteo arthritis in lower back also my L5-S1 has narrowing of the nerve canal presumably causing this sciatica. So by last nov or so was pretty good till this May. Again some pain and nerve issues got a bit worse then the first week of Aug extreme. so another Ct scan, nerve testing, muscle testting and a ton of meds. I HATE meds. but for now have to do something as spent the first 2wks of aug in bed for most part. Right now on gabapentin, amitrypline, was on prednisone for 10 days and also on oxycotin for pain as morphine wasn't helping. Only used the oxy for first 3 days and barely since till this eve. Had chiro today and not sure if he really adjusted me or what but wow what pain. it is all lower left side.

So figure that since Aug have been doing too many paleo cheats, and also a few GF lapse so going back on total again. I can't go off the meds but will hopefully be lessening them. I also can not afford to do the grassfed meats etc but will be able to do well with fresh veggies and fruits. I will be compliant wih fruit as that is where I slip and end up eating too mcuh fruit.

Here goes !! All or nothing and I am in it for the all with gusto.... have a family do on sunday but that sil is gf so know that will be fine. but will not be drinking anything but water, which is not too hard for me, and will chose to not have an bun even gf did that before will do it again. Hopefully this will help me lose the wt I put on when on the prednisone.

So glad I found this forum and between here and sparkpeople and their whole 30 team I am in it to be healthier and in less pain.

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I started reading ISWF last night and I was happy to read about Dallas' shoulder inflammation being gone after doing W30. I have shoulder issues too that seemed to come out of nowhere and nothing I try seems to be helping it, including taking time off from training.

I'd be curious to know if your inflammation goes away. Please let us know by the end. I'm definitely paying attention to that on myself.

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