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On Thursday the 23rd, I'm starting a Whole100. I've done a couple of Whole30s but it's been a while, last summer since I did anything like that. 
About 3 years ago I blew out my back (4 herniated disks) and was nearly immobile for about 6 months and pretty sedentary for 6 months afterwards. The next year was pretty low key and working to get back to working full time, lots of stress and not enough cash. Being on medical leave cut my income by 30% and not being able to stand for more than 15 minutes for the first few weeks made it difficult to maintain a clean eating plan. Over the course of that year I gained about 20-25 pounds of fat and lost a bunch of muscle. 

It's time to make things right again.

About 6 weeks ago I returned to a fairly consistent "paleo" regimen, about 95/5. No sugar, grains, dairy, legumes. The odd glass of wine, or coconut butter sweetened treat is all I've had. All digestive issues have cleared up and my energy levels though a bit erratic at first have been are stabilizing. 

I know this won't be easy, I know there will be days that I want to chuck it. However...

The boost to my body's wellbeing, my life and my sense of "I can do this like a boss" is totally worth it. 

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day 1.

feeling strong and clear in my intention. 

I've been so close to the whole30 guidelines that the transition period is more of a head game at this point. Looking at the time factor 100 days seems like a big number, so does 3 months. 14 weeks on the other hand doesn't seem so daunting. I guess it's one of those tricks of the mind, 14 is smaller than 100 and a week is smaller than a month. 

My numbers. 

I don't own a scale, I haven't in years, more out of fear of knowing and unwillingness to spend money on a torture device. 

I weighed in at the gym yesterday and at 5 feet 9.5 inches I weight about 175. 

I can't find my sewing tape measure, it's in a box of stuff somewhere. Before I cleaned up my diet about 5 weeks ago I wore a size 12-14 pant and xL top. I'm already down to a size 12 pant that is feeling loose and the tops are edging towards large. I rarely have ever worn small even at my lowest weight of 125 (I know much too skinny), I have wide shoulders and long arms so medium is generally where I sit. 
Along with the food change I'm committing to a 3x a week gym routine for strength training. I work on my feet all day and typically put in a couple of miles of walking between that and the morning dog walk. I'm also a photographer and there are days where I easily walk a few miles without even planning on it. As the weather improves I'm creating on outside body weight/sprinting routine I can do at a nearby park. 


Here we go!!!

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So why am I doing this? 
I want to feel better. 
I want to sail through allergy season without a symptom. 

I want better digestion.

I want to feel energized.

I want radiant skin.

I want positivity and level moods.

I want to sleep like a boss.

I want to look better, and loose the weight I gained after my injury. 

I want the menopausal hot flashes to go away and I want my sex drive back. 

I want my emotional eating habits to be a thing of the past.

I want to do this as part of of the transition my life is undergoing.

I want to know I've got it in me.

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Day 2

It never ceases to amaze me how making something a "not" for a period of time will suddenly make that thing singularly appealing even though it has not been a part of my life for weeks. 

Say no to grains, legumes, dairy, sugar or alcohol and suddenly visions of hot buttery croissants, deep glasses of wine, bowls of cooked beans, smears of warm brie, dance through my head. 

Be gone I say!

I'm on a mission and your company is not required.

Went to the gym, worked out like the boss I am.

Chicken curry meatball in the oven, coconut sauce on the stove top. It's what's for lunch.

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Day 2

It never ceases to amaze me how making something a "not" for a period of time will suddenly make that thing singularly appealing even though it has not been a part of my life for weeks.

Isn't it annoying how that happens? Sometimes it's helpful to stop saying that you can't have something and reframe it as choosing not to have it for a while. For instance, I could have cheese if I wanted to, but right now, I choose not to because I know I feel better when I don't have it.

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Week 1 day 3


Rainy weekend day, and I'm going to work in about an hour.

Feeling over the hump with the whinny, cravy tantrums, at least for now. 

I wonder about listing what I ate here, but that's a lot of verbage to post 3 times a day. Maybe one meal? Breakfast was sauted chicken sun-dried tomato/basil sausage, with cherry tomatoes and arugula, topped with a poached duck egg. 

Working on a business plan for my studio, I feel like these two things go together, forging new directions based on wellness, inside and out. 

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Week 1 day 4

so...a big part of this challenge for me is weight loss, no point in trying to make it something else for pc reasons. While there certainly are other aspects that I am enjoying a big motivator is wanting to loose the weight I gained while laid up with a back injury and then some. 

Going to the store today and buying a pair of jeans that are one if not two sizes down from what I've been wearing the last two years was a major "yay me" moment. They're a little snug, and I know that by this time next week that will likely no longer be the case. 


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