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Is it only day 4?


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I just started Whole30 this week and honestly can't believe it's only day 4.  I feel like I've chopped enough vegetables and eaten enough eggs to last 30 days already :mellow: !!


Seriously though, I'm really excited about seeing the results and am enjoying reintroducing more fresh food into my diet, as well as all the creativity and experimentation with flavours :)


Good luck to everyone else starting out this week; stay strong and see you on the other side ;)



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I am finishing up Day 3. And I must say, the food prepping is a little overwhelming. I already went through the food I had prepped on Monday night, and as we speak I am simmering some chicken tortilla-less soup for the next couple of days and already did my second run at Fresh and Easy this week. I don't think I have ever thought about food so much as I have these last few days!!! 

But you're right, it's exciting to be feeding our bodies something new and fresh! I just can't wait for this hangover feeling to go away so I can start reaping some nice benefits from all this crazy eating, 


Keep at it!  :D

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