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  1. kirkor

    Whole30 perishable food in carry on

    Tinned fish should be ok as well. I've heard a small % of dickish TSA people might squawk about the "liquid" in the tin, but realistically it shouldn't be an issue. I've been in your situation:
  2. kirkor

    Too much of a good thing?

    I'd toss a little beef in there at some point, but you've got chicken, tuna, and eggs throughout the day so I don't see any concern with variety. See my "monomeal" thread linked in my signature below
  3. What is your height/weight? If the portions you listed are truly representative of your typical day, I dunno if I'd go any lower. Some of Melissa's thoughts on the subject:
  4. kirkor

    Cooking spray

    Saw a spray the other day of duck fat of all things! Only ingredients were duck fat and natural flavors.
  5. kirkor

    Canned sweet potatoes

    It's the Whole30 unicorn. Maybe there's a baby food version?
  6. kirkor

    Gearing up to start May 1st!

    I mean, as far as things go, snacking on Brussels sprouts is probably one of the least sketchy things you could do. The fact that it's 10pm and you knew you weren't hungry kinda gives you the answer, yes? But hey, some people would have dived in to a bowl of nuts and dried fruit in that situation, so by sticking with a veggie you are already a head above the crowd. Use it as an opportunity to learn about yourself.
  7. kirkor

    Compact Lunches (physically compact)

    Tins of sardines are compact and don't need refrigeration, but then, eating sardines in an office environment can cause other issues:
  8. kirkor

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    This seems implausible.
  9. kirkor

    Whole30 in Ireland

    paging @jmcbn
  10. kirkor

    Whole 30 with Gout

    What foods is he no longer eating due to being on Whole30 that you attribute to having kept the gout at bay?
  11. kirkor

    Gluten Free Humour

    PS I've decided to make this my catch-all humor funny meme joke thread (and not sure why I spelled it "humour" in the title --- let's say it was a shoutout to @jmcbn)