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  1. Whole 30 on a very tight budget

    Check my cheapskate thread:
  2. Feb. 1, 2018 start, but planning now.

    With your current diet and active lifestyle, you likely have a head start on being more fat-adapted than the average bear. That should make for less of a big bumpy transition to full Whole30 eating. During this long pre-planning period, you might practice reading labels, and try out some Whole30 recipes, and do other dress rehearsal-type stuff.
  3. Ways to combat symptoms?

    The off-road guide is a good resource:
  4. Start Date: January 1, 2018

    re: #1, you would add 1-2 "thumb"-sized servings total. The list is sources from which to choose. re: #2 with that schedule you might not need a pre-workout meal per se, but you might find a mini-meal at some point in the late afternoon to be beneficial, since the gap between lunch at noon and dinner at 8 is a pretty lengthy one. And for post-workout, you can probably just make your dinner a little larger on those days you do a workout.
  5. Larabars should be OUTLAWED. Anything in a wrapper.

    I've chugged coconut milk straight from the can before when I was jonesing
  6. Things I Learned on the Whole30 Journey

    The thing about reintros, is that while even though it might not be something you miss and want to add back right now, it can be important to know how your body reacts to these things while you are still at the "clean slate" stage. If you don't have any reaction, then cool, you can continue to "take it or leave it" when it comes to those foods. But if you do have any adverse reactions, then you know that in the future you must continue to be diligent with label reading, asking questions at restaurants, etc.
  7. Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe(s) Needed!

    I do almost the same thing but I use a can of green chiles instead of salsa. It's amazing what that little bit of flavor + the shredded texture can do for boring ol' chicken breast!
  8. Starting my first round January 1, 2018

    Nice! Ya, the "been there" factor is huge, and also being able to share the load of prep is great.
  9. Starting my first round January 1, 2018

    Is she doing it again as well on the 1st?
  10. Losing too much weight

    Adding some data points could help others give a more fully-informed opinion: height goal weight weight at which you started noticing the change, weight you are at now, and time frame of this change? i.e. what has the rate of weight loss been Ice cream and cookies are quite calorically dense, but then again, so are the Larabars and nuts you are eating now. Depends on how much of that other stuff you really were eating before. But really, the answer to gain weight = eat more. Upping salad dressings, mayo, avocado, olives, etc. can increase your intake without adding a lot of volume in your stomach.
  11. No cook Whole 30!

    Some of my credentials, btw
  12. A Little Help Simplifying?

    Ya, I'm fairly meat-centric, so ya, I'd say definitely get more of that in your fridge.
  13. A Little Help Simplifying?

    For the chicken breasts, did you mean 2 individual breasts, or 2 packages of breasts? I don't think you need more variety -- check the links in my signature, you can see I'm a fan of KISS
  14. Preparing for Whole30

    When is your day 1? Prep is definitely helpful!
  15. A Little Help Simplifying?

    @Perry Chaffee what did you end up getting at the store?