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  1. Satiety can be tricky to pin down. Some people associate the feeling of a full stomach with being satiated, and when going to a W30 or paleo-type eating plan it can seem like one is less sated or hungry when really it's just because there is less bulk due to lack of bread, legumes, rice, etc.
  2. Can I Have Pompeian EVOO cooking spray?

    That pouch idea is pretty cool!
  3. Ideas for 12 hour shift days???

    Crock pot so you have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home, plus leftovers to bring for lunch the next day. If you have one that switched to "warm" after a set amount of time, that will help the stuff from getting cooked to death.
  4. Angostura Bitters

    Dang I like bitters but 2 tsp in a glass seems like a lot! Check out the "angostura sour" --
  5. Continuing to Whole90

    This one is good too; (without the parm, obvs) and I think, as he says, the caraway seeds really add that certain je ne sais quoi
  6. Lesson Learned

    Ya, it can suck to go through those kind of learning experiences, but the upside is that they provide good reference points for you in the future. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Glutamine supplement

    How long had you been supping the glut, and how long have you been working out? And what kind of soreness are we talking about? DOMS or something greater? The actual efficacy of glutamine vs. how it's marketed are not necessarily synced up:
  8. Cholesterol is kind of a moving target. Check out the Feldman protocol:
  9. Gluten Free Humour

    PS I've decided to make this my catch-all humor funny meme joke thread (and not sure why I spelled it "humour" in the title --- let's say it was a shoutout to @jmcbn)
  10. Affording Whole30 on a Budget Buying on sale and in bulk is probably my biggest thing. This ties in with my style of simple eating, because I can buy more of the same stuff since it's always rotating. Hamburger in the big "family size" packages ... chicken leg quarters ... multiple packages of chicken thighs ... the crate-type package of 5 dozen eggs ... big jars of pickles ... big canister of coconut oil ... See the links in my sig below for some real examples of this.
  11. coffee sweetener???

    Cinnamon in the grounds before you brew can be good, and you can play around with cloves and other sweet-ish spices. But like @ShannonM816 mentioned cold brew is pretty awesome. You can go full on coffee shop with Guatemalan beans and a nitro pour, but also just doing it at home with coarse ground beans bagged in cheesecloth. I started doing coffee over ice when I got Invisalign (plastic teeth trays, kinda like removable braces) since you're not supposed to drink hot liquids, and now it's my preferred way to drink it, Whole30 or not.
  12. I dunno about "throw off", but it won't be a Whole30. Are you on doctor's orders for iron supplementation?
  13. Is water important?

    It's talked about a lot! The recommendation is daily drink in ounces half your bodyweight in pounds. So if you weigh 120lbs, drink at last 60oz of water. EDIT: lol not only did we post at the same time, we used the same example math
  14. Popcorn

    You need to intake 10g of salt each day, or of sodium? Are the salt pills buffered with other ingredients? And I don't understand how 21 pills each day would cost a lot of money, but the same amount of salt sprinkled on popcorn is less money?