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  1. kirkor

    Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    This seems implausible.
  2. kirkor

    Whole30 in Ireland

    paging @jmcbn
  3. kirkor

    Gluten Free Humour

    PS I've decided to make this my catch-all humor funny meme joke thread (and not sure why I spelled it "humour" in the title --- let's say it was a shoutout to @jmcbn)
  4. kirkor

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    I'd start over; soy's a big one
  5. Ya it often backfires trying to change multiple habits at once. John Berardi has some thoughts on that here:
  6. Did someone summon me? I do IF + Whole30 and it works A-OK. There's some good discussion of different perspectives in this other thread. @SugarcubeOD stated the official position well, so if you do decide to give it a whirl you can hit me up via messaging.
  7. kirkor

    French's Yellow Mustard

    Yellow mustard is typically fine, but there are some versions of dijon mustard out there that have white wine.
  8. kirkor

    Gluten Free Humour

    Not quite worthy of it's own thread, but check this amazing satire:
  9. Nah, that's the beauty of the "clean slate" that's created after 30 days of elimination. You aren't automatically going to have a negative reaction just because you've avoided something for 30 days. It carageenan makes you itchy, or soy makes your fingernails hurt, that's going to be a specific thing you're going to want to take note of. We can all "get used to" stuff and have a "new normal" --- that's why people who move from Oregon to Nevada all of a sudden report stuff like "holy crap, I can breathe better!" If they just lived in Nevada for 30 days, then moved back to Oregon, well, sure, after 30 days in Oregon they probably wouldn't be conscious of the fact that their sinuses are all clogged up from mildew and whatever, but that doesn't mean Oregon is a friend to them.