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Lauren's Spot | Whole30 Sept.


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Oh hello!

I'm Lauren (uh...obviously, right?!). This is my very 1st Whole30, but I've been eating (mostly) Paleo/LCHF since January of this year. But then my boyfriend, aka SUGAR, started seducing me again steering me off course.

I'm the Momma of 10 yr old twin boys (one w/ Crohn's Disease - i so want him to whole30!) and a 7 year old Princess.

I'm a graphic designer and spend way too much time sitting at my computer... my butt really is unappreciative of this....

Um.... I'm addicted to Photography, Instagram, Pinterest, making lists, being silly and My Drunk Kitchen.

Things I wanna change: break up with Sugar (he'll be so heartbroken), lose the tired-all-day feeling, drop some lb's, and just stop fighting w/ food in general.

Guess that's me in a nutshell!


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Day 1 Recap:

I'm proud to say I survived!!!

Day 1 went a little something like this...

"I got this!"

"But I could really go for something sweet."

"I think I really neeeed something sweet!"

"NO you don't!"

"Ugh, fine... I'll drink some delicious water...nom nom nom."

BUT, regardless of my weird internal dialog, I made it through and that feels pretty dang good.

I posted my food diary and a recipe for Garlic Ginger "Cream" Sauce on my blog:


Looking forward to taking on Day 2!

Good luck friends!


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Day 2

Yeah, that was a pretty ugly day. I was had horrible nausea & dizziness all day and couldn't eat much.

Today is the beginning of Day 3 and feeling pretty terrible still.

Seriously hoping this doesn't last much longer.

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