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  1. Renee Kosowan

    Wedding Planning

    I tasted the cupcakes for my wedding while trying to eat Paleo (cupcakes were far from compliant to any sort of diet). I think if you take a slice of the cookie (as if it was a cake or pizza) then you could check the whole cookie without offroading too much. Then your anxiety will be released and you will not be far off. Just make sure you have all of your meals for the next few days already planned and ready!
  2. Renee Kosowan

    Hard Boiled Eggs vs Other Egg Formats

    I wish I could enjoy HBEs. They are so easy and such a perfect portable protein!
  3. Renee Kosowan

    Hard Boiled Eggs vs Other Egg Formats

    Thank you Renee. Not a big fan of soft boiled eggs as I don't usually eat them warm. I eat them cold, on the go or on a salad.
  4. Hi Team, I was just wondering if people have noticed any difference in their digestions when eating Hard Boiled Eggs (HBEs) compared to eggs cooked another way? Just wondering if I could be sensitive to HBE specifically or if I should probably avoid eggs all together. I have not noticed the bloating, gas, or tummy gurgles when I eat an omlete, scrambled, or fried eggs. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you for your help. Renee
  5. Renee Kosowan

    Post Whole30 Logs

    Hi Robin, It is saying I do not have permission to access that portion of the forum.
  6. Renee Kosowan

    Quick and easy cookathon ideas

    I like salsa chicken (throw diced tomatoes & salsa in crockpot and put some chicken breasts on top - let cook on low overnight)
  7. Renee Kosowan

    Help me!

    hmmm good to know. I ate too many nuts in my Whole30 in August and I am trying to do another clean out this time with no nuts/nut butters (I would eat it by the spoonful). I hope my skin clears up that much more.
  8. Renee Kosowan

    Moderation in, well, moderation

    I find that when I log my food it keeps me accountable. Especially if someone is going to read it. I like My Fitness Pal, not for tracking calories but for keeping my Macros in check. Have I eaten enough fat lately? How much sugar is in this item? etc. Plus it is portable on my phone so I can keep track of everything throughout the day and then come back here and report for my fans Good Luck. I also like the fact that I can do a WholeX and add in 5, 7, 19 days of solid clean eating before an event or just to get back on track. Good luck
  9. Renee Kosowan

    Hankering after signs of progress

    Wouldn't you rather see body composition change and clothes fitting looser than the number on the scale changing? I would! If the scale went up and I got leaner and tighter I would be much happier with my progress than if the scale went down and I still wasn't seeing muscle definition. Just my two cents
  10. Renee Kosowan

    Just do the next thing....

    I too eat 100% when at home. And I try to prepare as many meals to take with me when I go places. Having been 10 days post whole30 I know those tiny minor slips do have a major impact and I just feel so much better being 100% complaint. I understand it can be more work and expensive, but once you get in a proper groove it seems easier. Congrats on finishing and welcome to the Post Whole30 world.
  11. Renee Kosowan

    Rice bloat

    How many pieces did you have of those two rolls? (did you share them or eat them on their own?) I ask because sushi rolls can be deceiving and not really give you a true idea of how much rice you are eating. It could have just been a very large portion on top of something you have not had for a while.
  12. Renee Kosowan

    The Great Organic Deceivers

    That makes me sad about the Larabars. They will be losing lots of customers just based on us Whole30 group! But it is also good because I have an addiction to them. If they are in the house I eat them. Even post whole30 when I had a Peanut butter one (used to be my favourite) I didn't love it as much as I used to yet I still ate 3 during the day!
  13. Renee Kosowan

    Pleasure vs. Satisfaction

    Thank you so much for the post! I need to start thinking about this to help me with my mindless snaking problem.
  14. Renee Kosowan

    Stopped on Day 21, can't stop eating now

    I agree. Start over and stick with it the whole 30 days. Maybe your body needs a whole 45? And don't let it stress you either. Just have fun with it
  15. Renee Kosowan

    Reintroduction - Alcohol

    Thanks everyone! The BF wanted to celebrate finishing our whole 30 this weekend with a nice bottle of wine. I think I will discourage it as I do not want an open bottle around.