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I will win this battle.


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Hello fellow whole9/30 participants.

I've recently discovered whole30 and am starting as of tomorrow.

I don't know where to begin to explain my demons and how much I need this and need to do this. For years now I have struggled with binge eating. I have been on every diet known to man kind and its a pattern which has consumed my life and the way I am and the way I act. I eat 6 days a week 100% right and then have a day/night where I can in one setting consume 3 blocks of chocolate, 1/2 a loaf of bread, fruit galore and the list goes on. I'm learning to deal with these demons and learn that I have self control and self belief within myself. I want to feel proud that I achieved something and have had the will to say no to something (food).

To give you an idea, I am 167cm and weigh (last time I checked was 69.2kg/152.6pounds) - the heaviest I have been in my life. I'm not happy with it and I guess something has to be done.

I am active and walk to work back and forth daily and now as the seasons in Australia get warmer, I'll start to run. I have Summer just around the corner and if I don't do something about this it's going to get worse and worse to a point of no control.

I'll use this thread as a way to discover things about myself but also to track my food intake and my emotions. I want to achieve this more than anything.

I would love any suggestions/help/advice from you all.

Thank you kindly.

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You are not alone. I believe the recovery from binge eating is one of courage, preparation, and readiness. There are so many great resources on this, I believe Janeen Roth is so helpful with helping the person understand why they engage in binging and what to do to find their way out. I read somewhere once that developing mini goals to your path of the 30 day goal may be helpful to getting you to end result. You mentioned making it to 6 days, maybe at that point challenge yourself to make it three more, and so on. I use a desk calandar and put a big X through each clean day. Remember, this Whole30 isn't a Whole Forever, most of its purpose is to feed your body whole foods for 30 days to see how much better you oporate/live/sleep/feel/think. At the end we then have a new decision to make about the reintroduction of foods. Melissa and Dallas have so much information here to guide us through this journey. There are also several members with a lot of experience to offer their insights, I hope one of them will see your post as well. Please, by all means, give this 30 days to yourself as a gift to you. I'm in my second week and am learning so much.

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We all have our demons, as misschris said, you are not at all alone. Congrats for taking steps toward living the life you want to live:) if you look around you will find all sorts of people sharing their stories, some will mimick yours, some not. The support here is wonderful and the different coping skills, ideas, and challenges we all face and share with each other gives you an added measure of strength. Or at least, it does for me.

Welcome and best of luck on your new journey!

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There's a great podcast called live.love.eat that interviews women who have suffered disordered eating in the past and overcome it, I find it so uplifting to listen too, very moving & real stories.

best of luck on your journey to a better relationship with food

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Hello all.

I really appreciate your kind words and am finding this forum very inspiring and insightful.

I read it starts here last night and believe I can do this. I will not be far from this forum for the next 30 days and will continue to develop a healthier friendship with food and look it differently, instead of as a reward. Misschris I like your idea about the big x and will start to organise my office space a little better & derval I'll have a look for the podcast. I can only start and just hope it continues.

DAY 1 - 1/2 way through and feeling good about this challenge. I want to complete it so badly.

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I'm in the same boat. I'm lean yet I've got some binging issues. I've tried to start whole 30 for three days and each day I've messed up. But, I'm going to try again tomorrow. I have to pick myself up and move on. Good luck. I really empathize.

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Well it's my first official post of my food journal and I guess by doing so I'm figuring out my patterns, what works, what doesn't work etc.

I know for a fact if I have something sweet for breakfast (it could be a banana or a handful of nuts) I'll graze through the day wishing and wanting sweets. So saying that I will make an effort to eat big breakfast meals with protein/vegetables.

As I was home today - my eating patterns would be a little different as I tend to eat the same time each day but i'll blog it regardless.

Breakfast (9am) - 1 egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with coconut oil, tomatoe and cucumber w basil + black coffee

Lunch (12.30pm) - Tuna with oil and basil mixed with a combination of salad (capscium - as u may call it bell peppers, mushroom and lettuce) with a handful of strawberries.

Snack (3.30ish) - Found myself hungry or bored not sure what it was and need to figure it out - I had another capsicum with a handful of almonds and a small mandarin.

Dinner (6pm) - grilled salmon with lemon and salad

I think as it's day one and my body is adjusting the food intake was a little higher than expected but I'm hoping to limit my fruit intake to 1 serving a day, cut down on coffee - I tend to like it black regardless but have 3 a day as a norm and perhaps the occassional handful of nuts.

Day 1 down - 29 to go.

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Hi all,

So day #2 was interesting. I slept in :( so my lack of food preparation for the day was minimal which actually turned out to be a good thing, I pointed my weaknesses - I need to consume a big breakfast otherwise I find my eating pattern is just thrown out the door.

Regardless, I'm learning.

I'm learning I love almond butter - but I know when to stop I know moderations and I know if I eat it in the mornnig (there goes my handful of nuts) and if I consume fruit in the morning which I've noticed before my body craves it and relies on it during the day.

So noticeable changes: I'm happy, I sleep so much. over 9 hours, I'm not hungry. :| I used to snack every 3 hours and found I had too otherwise my stomach would rumble and now I eat 5 hours apart and it's fine.

I walked to work today and came in and had a small banana with almond butter about a tablespoon

Lunch was tuna salad with an apple and manadarin

Dinner will be a salad or some sort with protein.

Happy Tuesday!



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Well last night I went out and ended up eating calamari salad (grilled) and was decilous and whole30# perfecto.

Today has been a better start -

B: Sweet potatoe w 2 boiled eggs and 1/4 avocado and a banana.

L: Tuna salad (tomatoe + cucumber)

D: Protein with salad


Day 3 in and out.

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So dinner last night was chicken (from the supermarket) with a few pickles and sardines. I then had a tablespoon of almond butter.

I felt so bloated today :( felt like I was putting on weight - weird feeling. Although I knoew its that time of the month.

Today I FEEL SO HUNGRY! Breakfast was great

B: sweet potatoe (1/4), 2 eggs - one egg white and one normal, avocado (1/4) with a banana and almond butter all cooked in coconut oil.

L: pickles, 2 tomatoes and grilled chicken

D: protein and vegetables.

Happy day 4.

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Argh. How could I not see this happening!!!

I've come so far and day 4 was looking amazing. I've woken up today and casually spoken to my mother who basically advised me last night recipe involved cheese. Not just any cheese, TASTY CHEESE! yes to my horror I ate and ate it without realising the effects on my body and my progress. Although day 4# into the program I really felt I was doing the best I could. I'm so disapointed that I have to re-start my program again but on the flip side it was day 4# and If I can conquer it again I can continue. How frustrating!!

So here my pledge to you all and most importantly to myself.

I will start whole30 again for the 2nd time. After my attempt at 4 days into it.

I will not weigh myself until the 7th October

I have cut out fruits + nut butters (I realised it's the worst thing that could happen as I start to crave sweets and I don't know my limits)

I will have 3 meals a day and have my coffees in the morning

I will walk an hour a day and as I build energy levels I will start to run.

Binging is a way of the past - doesn't seem like its in my body anymore (phew - but only time can tell)

I will question everything that goes in my mouth.

I will do this.

So today has been good so far.

B: 2 boiled eggs w avocado cooked in coconut oil.

L: Egg plant with tuna and oil.

D: Japanese (will order a salad and sashimi)

DAY 1. 7/9/12.

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