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Starting a Whole100! May 11.


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Cross posted from the introduction forum:




My name is Andrea and I'm a sugar-a-holic. That's funny, because I'm actually a recovered alcoholic, and the truth is that sugar has proved to be a bigger obstacle than alcohol. I suppose if you really think about it I've been addicted to sugar since childhood! 


My story:


I tried and failed at 3 whole30's in 2014. I would make it 28, 20, 10 days and always give in to sugar cravings. I did live a 90% lifestyle for quite a while after my first attempt and made some serious gains in the the way of health but then stumbled for several months.


Fast forward to April 7, 2015, after a horrid stretch of binge eating Easter candy, I committed to and successfully completed a whole30.


I had big dreams of continuing on to do a whole60 or more, but then i decided a tiny treat couldn't hurt and would be a bit of a reward (that's foreshadowing for all you literary fol out there! lol). On Thursday I added a bit of honey to an otherwise paleo mug cake, on Friday I went out for supper and had ribs that were drowning in a sugar laden bbq sauce and on the way home i stopped at the store and bought 85% chocolate. On Saturday I stuck with compliant meals until my husband stopped at the store and I had him grab me some coconut bliss ice cream, and I ate some of the chocolate I had purchased. Yesterday was mother's day and my family and I made some paleo crepes and whipped coconut cream for breakfast, I added honey to the whipped cream, and then ate my weight in pineapple and strawberries. We went fishing and I came home and ate the rest of the chocolate bar and 1/4 of the coconut bliss icecream.


It is clear to me that just as in the recovery world i have what is referred to as AV (alcoholic voice) that rears it's ugly head every once in a while, in the food world I have a sugar dragon. And i believe the battle I am about to have with the sugar dragon is of epic proportions!


The sugar dragon is more stealth and manipulative than my AV ever was.


I'm going to treat this whole100 much like a sugar detox. Green bananas and green apples are all the fruit I will be eating.


No dried fruit.

No berries.


Thank you for reading, I hope to get to know so many of you!





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After reintroducing sugar, some non-compliant taco seasoning and a sprinkle of marble cheese I have experienced the following:



Severe abdominal pain

excessive gas

feeling "unwell"


Off to make some left over chicken with compliant homemade bbq sauce, avocado, and some veggies for breakfast.

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Hello Andrea!!!


we have a LOT in common...


I have been sober for nearly 3 years (totally get the AV), and I'm also doing a whole100. I started May 1st, and decided a couple days ago to push it to 100 days.


I too went on an Easter candy binge and it was awful. It started a downward spiral of bad eating, so here I am! I've only done one other Whole30 and it was BARELY successful because I wasn't taking it seriously.


We can do this!

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Hey wholemama!

Geeze we really do have a lot in common. I'm so happy to have found someone in the same boat! At least we have the no drinking thing going for us! Haha!

I'm excited to watch you succeed and tag along 10 days behind you!

I'll be sober 2 years in august.

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Two years is AWESOME! And yes, us Sober gals are usually pretty hard to come across. At least I don't have to deal with missing alcohol on my whole100. That's always a relief!!! LOL.


I'll be Three years in about 3 weeks. I almost can't believe it myself!

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May 11:

1: 2 grass fed pepperoni sticks, carrots, 1/2 avocado

2: 4 chicken drummets, sautéed zuchinni and pepper in CO, 1/2 avocado

3: roast beef, roasted potatoes and carrots in OO, curry kraut, 1/2 avocado

I also had about 10 cashews before supper as the roast took longer than expected to cook and I was hangry!

Cup of hot steeped cacao beans from crio Bru.

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May 12

1: coffee with CM. 1 egg and some potato carrot kale hash all cooked in CO. No appetite this am. Feeling gross. Probably a sugar hangover.

Exercise: piyo lower body

2: salad of baby greens, avo, plantain chips, 1/4 green apple, balsamic and oo plus a slab of roast beef and curry kraut

3: repeat meal 2

1/2 green apple in the evening and some steeped crio Bru

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Ugh! That phase is the worst! I hit it every time. This time is a bit different because I completed a whole 30 last week and just had sugar and non compliant seasonings over the weekend so I wonder if I will hit the same milestones or experience some new things now.

Keep on keeping on!

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1: 2 eggs, 1/2 green banana, hemp and chia seed in egg. Steeped cacao with CM

2: sautéed meatballs, zuchinni, onion and kale with salsa on top. Yum! Steeped cacao with CM

3: 2 chicken drummets, garden salad, Kimchi and club soda and coffee with CM to drink

Exercise piyo upper body

Working nights tonight so will eat a meal at midnight and 6am as well and then sleep all day.

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May 14

1: at 0100. 3 chicken drummets, salad with avocado and plantain chips. Dasani sparkling water

2: 0600: 2 grass fed pepperoni sticks, 2 HB eggs. Snap peas and almonds

3: 1430: 2 chicken drummets salad with avo

4: snack a bit of ground beef and some plantains.

Exercise: 3/4 of piyo sweat

Called in sick to work. I'm feeling horrible today. Tried to work out and almost passed out

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Hey wholemama!

I definitely think I'm eating enough. I think there were a few things contributing: cutting out fruit has put me into a temporary hypoglycemia and I was running on minimal sleep after having worked a night and only sleeping until noon. It was really silly of me to have tried to work out.

Today is a rest day and I'm feeling tons better. I'm upping my fat intake too.

How are you doing??

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Ok. Gotta start writing everything down again now that I'm in an area with service!

1: egg scramble with 1 green tipped banana and some coconut milk. Coffee with CM

2. Salmon cakes with homemade tartar, salad with oo&bv, 1/2 avo and 1/2 green apple

3. Roast beef and potatoes with homemade a to and 1/2 green apple and almond butter

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Oops sorry about the butter!! it's so sneaky!


I have been avoiding all food I don't prepare myself. It's the only way I can be completely sure!!


I am doing okay. Getting bored already with food and not getting very creative in the kitchen. I don't really have any interest in eating much these days. When food becomes just fuel, and not emotional eating, I have WAY less interest in it. That's terrible, but probably the way it should be. I just need to make sure I stay on top of eating enough. My meals are tending to get smaller.

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May 19

Day 8

1. Eggs and banana with cinnamon and CM

2. Salmon cakes with homemade tartar, salad with oo&bv, 1/2 avo and 1/2 green apple

3. Roast beef podatoes and mayo.

I think I need to start eating way more veggies!

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I'm back and I'm back on track.

Fell off the wagon in may and while most of my meals remain compliant I have been indulging in some pretty gross snacks and treats.

Yesterday was a gross day filled with takeout and cookies.

Today I start with some black coffee and steak and eggs.

Here's to day 1!

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