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  1. So glad you were not injured in the car accident!!! SO glad you are okay!
  2. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good so far! Aiden - The headaches are totally normal. Can you handle black coffee? Iced black coffee kicked my headache on my W100!
  3. It's day 3 for me today! How is everyone coming along?
  4. I love smoked salmon Janarra... yum!!!!
  5. WholeMama623

    I know it's not typical but starting Tuesday 6/14

    Simple meals are pretty much all I do on W30's. I am not a big cooker, in fact, I really don't like cooking at all, so my meals are very simple and I have a LOT of repeats. Luckily it doesn't bother me! Day 2 off to a good start!
  6. Jenarra - That's how I am! I post all of my meals on instagram. I'm sure my friends are going to hate me by the time I'm at the 30 day point.
  7. WholeMama623

    My First Whole 30: Starting June 13

    Hope you survive your work function!
  8. WholeMama623

    I know it's not typical but starting Tuesday 6/14

    You guys ready!? Day 1 is going well for me so far! My breakfast could have a been slightly more filling, but we ran out of eggs.
  9. WholeMama623

    First timer: Starting June 13

    Yeah, a lot of places add non compliant things to the food. I generally try to avoid eating out while on a Whole30 because it's just so risky! Shake it off and start over!
  10. You definitely want to have some stapes on hand! I always have eggs, oil, compliant coconut milk, and a lot of folks have coconut aminos (but I've never used them!). We find it very helpful to large batch cooking and roast giant batches of vegetables at one time on Sunday! It keep us from having to cook every part of our meal every single night. I know it's not FOOD, but I really love the LaCroix waters. They are bubbly and just the tiniest hint of flavor and I find them very refreshing during my wholes! Day one for me today!
  11. I am starting tomorrow but this seems like a great group to follow. Does anyone mind if I follow along? I can relate to a lot of what you said Katie. I have always been looking for the "perfect" diet. I've counted calories, fasted, slimfast, weight watchers, you name it, I've done it. However, Whole30's have been the only thing that works for me but I struggle BIG TIME with staying on track when they are over. Hoping this will be the reset I need. (this is my 2nd W30.. in addition to a W58 and a W100)
  12. WholeMama623

    I know it's not typical but starting Tuesday 6/14

    I am!! No particular reason. I've done enough of these that I don't see that I need to start on a Monday. LOL.
  13. WholeMama623

    First timer: Starting June 13

    Not a first timer, but here to tell you YOU CAN DO THIS! It's only 30 days! I bet you by the end, you will be so happy you stuck with it.
  14. WholeMama623

    My First Whole 30: Starting June 13

    Starting tomorrow! You can do it!!!