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June 1 2015


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Hello everyone!  Like most of you, I've purchased, and mostly read, the books associated with the Whole30 ideaology, and I'm smitten...or bitten.  I am brand new to the Whole30 program, or as I'm calling it "Food Rehab," although I'm betting someone, somewhere has already used that before me.  I am starting on June 1st - I've contemplated starting earlier, but I feel like I really need to psyche myself up here.  I don't have a great support staff around me, so I need to find, and make, friends elsewhere.  Currently,  I have friends and family that stare at me with the same sympathetic look one might give to a deer...right before the hunter pulls the trigger.  


But I am looking forward to the experience.  The OCD in me believes that starting on June 1 gives me a calendar month framework to help progress forward.  I have a lot riding on this decision - literally life or death.  I'm not looking at is a diet, or a solution to lose a little weight.  I'm looking at this is a lifesaving lifestyle rehabilitation.  I'm looking at this as an experiment in staying alive longer.  I've been embracing bad habits and living with bad decisions for 30+ years so I'm looking at this opportunity as my personal evolution.  


Since January 2015, I've been working towards becoming healthier.  It's a struggle.  I've lost a little weight, and I've started getting the "are you on a diet?" inquiries but it's not enough.  This, to me, is what it's going to take to completely change my life for the better.  And I want to get on the bandwagon before I hit 40.


So here I am, reaching out the Whole30 world, for help and advise.  My goal is to shed the weight equivalent of two people, reprogram my brain to want grass, beef, and water, and to join a world that has been, for the better part of three decades, closed off from me.


Wish me luck!


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Good luck - and trust me - you will do this!


Can I make a recommendation?  Try out a few "practice days" and also try removing all the non compliant stuff out of the house.  If that is not possible then put it in designated areas.


Speaking honestly here - the whole 30 was a gift to myself.  And I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a happy, and healthy place.

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