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Day 23


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     Day 23 and I've got to say I'm pretty damn proud of myself! Except for a couple "slips" I've been very compliant.

     The first week I had been using a few dashes of Tobasco Green Pepper Sauce not realizing afterwards it contains cornstarch and xanthan gum. (Don't remember what that last one is but I'm sure it isn't "approved!")

     The other time was recently when I was checking out the seafood at a local grocery and they had little sample cups of something. Without even thinking, I immediately gobbled it down and then realized I may have screwed up my program! With eyes the size of saucer plates :o  I told my wife what I had just done. Fortunately it had been delicious, warm salmon but I have no idea how it had been cooked! It was slightly larger than a thimble so I've decided to give myself a break! 

     I've been eating three meals a day, which I had never done because I always skipped lunch, and no snacking in between. And what really amazes me is I have no desire to eat between meals!

     The main reason I got into the Whole30 was in the hope it would help with chronic low back pain I've had for about 25 years. I can't say that it's helped yet but I'm still hopeful. 

     I can say that it's made my jeans fit better. Now I need a belt to keep my drawers up and I can see the reduction of my "love handles" in the mirror!

     Probably the biggest gift this program had given me is an awareness of how I had been eating and food and nutrition in general. After reading "It Starts With Food" and "Whole 30" and after having done the "challenge," I honestly don't think I could go back to eating the way I had been. I had been eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's Pistachio ice cream every single night for decades!!!

    It's not often that something comes into your life that can change your health and your relationship with food and for that I am very grateful to Whole 30 and the Hartwigs.

    (Anyone see the Katie Couric documentary, "Fed Up?" On Netflix. Highly recommend it!) :)

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