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Day 30


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I made it ! It actually went quicker than I thought it would. My month pretty much went exactly

like a detox. I started out really tired, bloated with regular outbreaks of rosacea. I was miserable.

I saw The Whole 30 on a morning show and made up my mind this was my last attempt to heal

my body. Doctors told me I had chronic fatigue and nothing could be done. I had given in to my

diagnosis, thinking the rest of my life would be spent dragging myself to work and making it home

to my recliner or bed being my biggest accomplishment each day.

   I skimmed through the book, printed off the food lists and copied a few easy recipes. I learned

to roast all my veggies instead of frying and cooked almost every single meal for myself. I struggled

with my energy level at first but prepping all my meats the sunday I started made a huge difference.

I knew I didn't have to stress about " what's for dinner " all week anymore.

  I ate out for the first time saturday. My choice at Rudy's was turkey no sauce, a small order of new

potatoes no butter, a hand full of almonds I had in my purse and an unsweet tea. I can make good

choices !!!

   I feel amazing compared to 4 weeks ago. I feel less joint pain, have tons more energy, my hair feels thicker, my nails are stronger, my rosacea has cleared up, I sleep better, I know longer have swelling

or puffiness all over my body and did I mention ....... I feel amazing !

   I am soooo glad I did this for myself and I plan to keep going with this way of eating. I did buy some

cupcakes saturday to celebrate with this week but I bought one package not 10. Sugar no longer

controls my thoughts and choices. Thank you Whole :D





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I plan to start my re-intro with grains. Gonna take it slow and just add some rice at first to some of my dinners.

I think my addiction to chips & hotsauce caused my flare ups with rosacea. I LOVE spicy foods but will leave

out the hotsauce for a while till I check my progress with grains then dairy.



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