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Pre/Po WO Meal?


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Hi There,


I am new to the whole30 (day 9) and want to ensure I am optimizing the program.  I am not a CF athlete, Im just a girl trying to get back in shape as I just turned 40 and am freaking out a little.  I work out 4-5 times a week with a mix of spinning and high intensity classes like metabolical conditioning or Tabata. I am 5'4 and weigh about 175 (trying to get gown to 160).


Pre WO: I work out at 6:30am and find it hard to down anything, even a HB egg.  I have coffee with a little coconut oil in it and run to the gym.  I don't feel a difference by eating something or not.  


Post WO: I typically grab a piece of chicken and a bite of a sweet potato while getting dressed for work (8:30).  Around 10am I then have breakfast which is 2-3 eggs with tomato and sometimes a little turkey.


Lunch is 1/2pm

Dinner 7pm


Can I skip the Pre WO meal?  What are the benefits?  Open to any and all suggestions.


Thank you,


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The main thing about a pre-workout meal when you exercise first thing in the morning is that you are getting food in your body within an hour of waking up. This is more about hormone balancing than it is fueling your workout. It doesn't have to be a lot of food but a little protein and fat will do the trick which is why most people opt for the hard boiled egg route.

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