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Now, the tricky part...

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I went out with the boyfriend to a local tavern.  I stuck with tequila & soda, as tequila is considered the most paleo of spirits.  


  • In the past, I've needed quite a few lime wedges to enjoy tequila, but I didn't have a problem with only one this time.  I think it's from the w30 training my palate to be more open to unfamiliar flavors.
  • Halfway through the first drink, I could feel something in my brain - not quite a tingling, but some kind of physical awareness.  In the past, I've gone from not noticing any effect to suddenly feeling drunk.  And, by then, I'd probably had too much.
  • I slept fine.  I went to sleep at about 11:30.  I woke briefly when the bf came home and again at about 5:00, but I was up before the alarm at 7:00.
  • I didn't feel hung over, despite three drinks.  (I was planning to have two, but when the Blackhawks won their game, the bar gave out a round of shots.)  I was dehydrated - I forgot about that aspect - and had a very slight headache, but I was fine after I ate breakfast.
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My reintroduction has gone all topsy-turvy.  My boyfriend really wanted to go out again Friday night, so I had a drink and put off legumes till Sunday.  This time, I didn't notice any drunkenness or hangover from one (strong) drink.  


Sunday, I had black beans at lunch and green peas (in cottage pie) at dinner.  No ill effects.  Monday morning, I forgot to make salad for lunch, so I took the cottage pie leftovers.  I was planning to reintroduce corn and rice yesterday, but today is my last day at my old job and my employer wants to take me to lunch. I'm making today dairy, so I can order a salad off the menu.  


Saturday, a friend of mine (who - long story - may think I lied to avoid going to her wedding last fall) is having a brunch.  I haven't decided, but I may eat wheat.  Next Saturday, I've been invited to a pizza party/ pub crawl for the birthdays of two of my friends. And I'd promised another friend that I'd be done with reintroduction by her housewarming party on the 20th.  


I think I'll spend the next month or so being compliant at home and reintroducing what I have to for social harmony when I'm out.  It won't be perfectly clean data, but I'll learn what I can from it.  


I already learned during Whole30 that I'm sensitive to histamines (annoying!) and that cocoa powder, um, sorta goes right through me.  And, from paragraph two up there, I'm learning that I have a pretty awesome social life!

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Thursday evening, the weather was nice and bf and I wanted to stay out.  So we went to a coffee shop and sat on the patio.  I needed to eat and I thought I was quite clever ordering a buffalo chicken salad - dairy reintroduction = nbd.  I forgot that the chicken would be breaded and fried.  As you can see from the above post, I'm rapidly running out of patience to do things properly.  I ate the salad and felt more or less ok.


That night, though, I had terrible dreams.  Not full-on scary nightmares, but definitely unpleasant, restless sleep.  I've looked and that's apparently a thing with gluten.  (I'm taking that information with a grain of salt because you could probably google any combination of words and get some kind of result.)


Last night, I went to a friend's house to celebrate the last day of her old job.  I had three Dark & Stormies (rum and ginger beer), a few pieces of nice cheese, and some popcorn.  I slept soundly from 1:00 - 7:30 (my usual wake up time) and felt hung over for about two minutes, tops.  


I need to be careful not to fall into bad habits, but it's gratifying to know that I can bounce back pretty quickly from a few bad choices. 

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