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And It Begins...


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Today was a pretty successful day. My meals were delicious. I was satiated. I was done eating by 730. I exercised in the morning. Pretty darn good. 


I finished the nuts and bolts part of the book. Just making my way to through the recipes, now. I'd gone through enough to make some staples and get off to a good start. I've meal prepped before, but this took things to a whole new level. 2 batches of beef bone broth, a double batch of basic mayo, protein salad, braised brisket, roasted veggies, buffalo sauce, soft-boiled eggs... it was a marathon of chopping, boiling, washing dishes, mincing, dicing, more dishes, stirring, zesting. Never mind packing all of it into ready to go storage bins to make it easier to remain compliant. I. Was. Over. It.


Yesterday, I reread the section that talked about what to expect on the program. The part that gave us the heads-up on the impending sense of doom and injustice we would face before the clouds of simultaneous nausea and hunger part to reveal Nirvana. That part explaining that those who choose to indulge just before the start of the program should prepare themselves for potential gastrointestinal and neurological warfare during week 3 did slow the rate at which I shoveled my favourite gelato into my mouth a touch but it did not change the course of the demise of the strawberry rhubarb cake I baked. Poor dear.


I began my post by saying that today was "pretty successful" because at a couple of points today, I found myself wanting to revert back to old habits. That post breakfast and lunch stick of gum. That craving for dessert after a satisfying supper. I was a little worried that the novelty of this program was going to wear off and I was going to shirk this valuable look into my relationship with food for my old ways. But this is only Day 1. I allowed myself that little worry and let it go. Or at least tamped it down.


Final thought. Those Day 0 photos. THOSE would have made me fling that gelato into the river. I'm going to look at those every day to remind myself of my goal.


So it begins. And I didn't Kill anyone. I'd call that a pretty successful day.

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