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Camping meals/snacks

Blair Lockhart

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I got online to post the same question. This article is helpful, but I would love even more specific ideas. I always find the food planning the most difficult part of a camping trip.

I would love suggestions for a sub for roasted marshmallows. My 8 year old son mainly camps for the marshmallows. We are doing the Whole30 with the whole family, and he is complaining the most.

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I've been thinking about possible subs for marshmallows--kind of a tough one. Nothing bursts into flame quite like an overdone marshmallow! But, in terms of something yummy that could be cooked over the flames (caveat: I haven't tried any of these)... maybe stuff in little foil packages, like apple slices and raisins with cinnamon, or coconut flakes to toast? The urge to roast could be helped by having main dishes to cook over the fire, or non-sweet snacks like spiced nuts to roast.

Our unschooling group has had "Aluminum Chef" competitions, to see who can come up with the best little foil packet of food cooked over the fire.

Another thing to consider, you might need some new cooking-on-the-fire implements, like flat baskets, that will hold different shapes of food. A friend of mine has cast-iron pie-maker thingies--you might be able to use something like that with some Pure Wraps for the crust, and the fun of having a new cooking toy might help make up for the no-marshmallows.

good luck!

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SuBee, I've heard of people slicing a banana lengthwise (and throwing in chocolate chips - but I'm guessing a melty banana without choc. chips would still be good,) wrap the banana in foil, put over the fire for a while, let cool a bit, then eat with a spoon.

I'm going backpacking this weekend, still trying to figure out our food, and looking for any suggestions! So far -

D1M1 - at home, big meat and egg breakfast

D1M2 - picnic while hiking (salami, lara bar, whatelse?)

D1M3 - steak (frozen and hike in), sweet potatoes and onions (going to try to pre-cook and freeze as a hash, so it reheats quickly)

D2M1 - egg and sausage scramble (sausage frozen and hiked in, wonder if I should pre-cook sausage and freeze?)

D2M2 - coconut wrap with tuna or salmon packets and avo (need something to moisten it up, ideas?)

D2M3 - no idea!

D3M1 - Caveman crunch (experimental, date-paste sweetened instead of honey)

D3M2 - repeat of other M2s

D3M3 - home lateish - need something really easy lined up

Also, we may me going somewhere that does not allow fires, so will probably just be using our cookstove. Anyone have any great ideas?

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Figured out dinner for the second night. I found some canned organic chicken, tiny shrimp, and a single serving Masaman Curry paste. We are going to bring a couple tetra packs of coconut milk, some canned vegetables (maybe green beans and mushrooms), and make a curry soup. Doesn't sound great now as I don't like canned veggies, but it will probably be pretty good after a long day of hiking. It is also a pretty heavy meal to hike in! Wouldn't work too well for a more serious backpacking trip.

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