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  1. Yogurt Confusion

    Hi everyone! The new shopping list is not a mistake. We're re-designing the downloads to support the info in the book, and this one shopping list covers vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians (so you'll see animal-based options). We always aim for consistency with our program, and the protein options previously listed on the pescetarian/vegetarian/vegan shopping list were not a part of the Whole30 program as written, but were suggested options for folks with those dietary resrictions. This was causing some confusion in the community. So, instead of listing those alternative proteins on the shopping list, we've left room for folks to fill in the protein options that are not listed, but are appropriate for their context as discussed in The Whole30 or It Starts With Food. We've included all the information you need to determine what proteins you should include, how to prepare them, and how to modify our portion recommendations in our new book, The Whole30.
  2. Natural Calm

    I'd also suggest increasing your starchy veggie intake, as that can help with both constipation and anxiety
  3. So mad!

    This is a classic "life happens" situation. Glad you were safe, warm and fed.
  4. Whole30 for Emergency Supplies

    I know we're talking Zombies and not earthquakes in this article, but the basic principles hold true
  5. Supplement list on Whole 9 Confusing

    Hi everyone! Whole30 and Whole9 are indeed connected, but not interchangeable. Whole9 focuses on greater lifestyle issues, while Whole30 is specifically focused on the 30 day program. Not everything recommended on the Whole9 site is appropriate for your Whole30, but reflects our general recommendations for life outside of Whole30. I hope this helps!
  6. Glucose test

    Hi Brittany! Let me preface this by saying that we're not doctors and nothing said in this forum should be considered medical advice. Now, doctors orders trump Whole30 rules, so if you and your doctor feel like this is an important test for you to take, then absolutely do that without considering it "breaking" your Whole30. If you don't want to take the test (for personal reasons), then you always have the right to refuse - Whole30 or not.
  7. Really? This is where my line is drawn in the sand.

    Carly33 - I absolutely understand that you weren't trying to offend. And I promise I didn't assume you were. I just wanted to communicate in a friendly way how I felt. I hope that you'll be able to treat my comments (and others') with the same grace that yours were given and continue to participate in a meaningful way.
  8. Really? This is where my line is drawn in the sand.

    Just a personal note here: The word retarded is a sensitive one for me (my nephew has Down's Syndrome) and for many others. It would mean a lot to me if we could refrain from using that word as an adjective here. Thanks so much!
  9. Whole Grain

    Hi mbrown3! Bottom line: You'll be able to find a research study out there to support almost any health claim - meat vs vegetarian, dairy vs dairy free, organic vs conventional farming, grains vs whole grains vs no grains. We're confident in our sources, and in the research done for the book. We've even listed our sources so you can do the research as well
  10. Tartrazine

    Obviously, we prefer you eat items without added colors, but this ingredient is compliant for your Whole30.
  11. Hi all! So sorry for the delay here - we've been working on this issue. If you still don't have the files, email and they'll get you sorted. Thanks for your patience!
  12. Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule

    Kirkor- Correct, the new reintroduction schedule is phrased in terms of least to most likely to cause issues. BUT, order can change based on personal context and preferences. If you have a preferred order, or want to skip foods on our list, please feel free. Our schedule is our best recommendation, but variation is not a deal breaker.
  13. severe stomach upset- Please help!

    That definitely sounds like a stomach bug of some sort. You might give your stomach a chance to rest and then try again when you can keep food down?
  14. Bumps/Rash on face

    nomnomNW - THAT is not a usual reaction to Whole30. First thing: are there any new foods in your diet in the last 10 days? New lotions or makeups? New cleaning products or laundry detergents?
  15. Deli meats/dextrose

    The powers that govern nutrition labeling have decided that certain tolerances in reporting are okay. So, if the samples tested show less than their tolerance amount per serving they are allowed to list it as 0g on the label. Shifty, huh?