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  1. Kirkor- Correct, the new reintroduction schedule is phrased in terms of least to most likely to cause issues. BUT, order can change based on personal context and preferences. If you have a preferred order, or want to skip foods on our list, please feel free. Our schedule is our best recommendation, but variation is not a deal breaker.
  2. Thanks Chris! All - I'm going to close comments on this post, as we have the whole of the Can I Have section to ask new questions
  3. This is one of those cases where you can't believe everything you read on the interwebs. Chemistry is complicated and while some manufactured foods and natural foods share similar chemical compounds, they don't all interact with our bodies in the same way. For the purposes of Whole30, simply avoid "MSG" - no outside reading material necessary
  4. As longs as you check the ingredients on their meats and dressings, a salad bar should be okay. If there's anything there that sees to be canned, ask for ingredients for that as well.
  5. cortner1195 - If you've already eaten it, don't stress. Just avoid it in the future
  6. Hi deedie! Kombucha's mentioned in the post above We don't recommend any specific brands - just look for one with no added sugar (or really any other ingredients) and buy the smallest amount you can.
  7. Hi all! Before you create a new can I have, take a peek at this list we've compiled of the most common "Can I Have" questions!
  8. I honestly don't know the answer to that, but my guess is that it's different for different people. I would experiment a but with it and see how you feel.
  9. Something like kombucha could help - it's really hard to know what will change the situation. The bacteria is great for your gut, no questions asked, but to sharp of a spike in consumption can cause the same problems you're experiencing now. I'd encourage you to give it a try - a couple of ounces per day - along with some foods you know are more calming to the system (sweet potatoes, bananas, unsweetened applesauce).
  10. sweet_potato - The changing environment in your digestive system is usually enough to cause some upset one way or the other, but we also need to look at your diet before Whole30. Did you consume much fat, or were you "low fat"? Like suggested above, have you added in any new foods? Do you have a food log we could look at?
  11. This is a list of the most commonly used acronyms on the forum. If you see one we're missing, you can note it below and a moderator will update the list. W9: Whole9 W30: Whole30 SAD: Standard American Diet This is the diet that typifies the western attitude toward food - processed foods, low fat, "sugar free", food-like products, fast food... W30D: Whole30 Daily The Whole30 Daily is a 32 day (you get days 0 and 31) subscription email service packed with tips and resources for you during every step of your Whole30 journey. SWYPO: Sex With Your Pants On. Pancakes, cookies, muff
  12. 1-2 servings of fruit per day is perfectly reasonable
  13. Detail oriented? Really? The first I've heard of this nonsense. But really, I do want to practice because it is, y'know, part of your name.
  14. Jtandi and wheresanita - I am SO GLAD to hear that you guys did what you needed to do to make it through those times. That kind of adaptive thinking and stick-to-it-iveness are evidence of the mindset that gets many first-timers (and even some of us vets) through the rocky first stages. Eventually, you'll get things nailed down. You'll understand your context more and more each day, and planning and preparing will become second nature. Amy, Susan, Sharon, Kirsteen, Renee (hey, how do I get your fancy accent to type on here?!), and smacd - Thank you for your kind words and for understand
  15. Welcome all newcomers, welcome back vets, and for those of you who never left...welcome to this post. I just wanted to pop in here and remind you all to take a deep breath before you dive into all the questions about what you can and can't have. The program guidelines are clear on what you can and can't have (grains, dairy, W30 muffins), but things get a little grey when people start talking about what you should and shouldn't have. Please don't over think think this. You don't have to address every food related issue you have, break every bad habit, and shun every food that gives you comfo
  16. Haha! I wonder what we did. I'm feeling like a naughty kid right now ;0) I'll move your logs back, btw, so you can get at them until we get this nailed down.
  17. Haha! Just giving you the spotlight, friend ;0)
  18. Hi friends! The fabulous Renee, moderator extraordinaire, has brought to our attention that there are several post Whole30 logs hanging out in this topic. We LOVE that you're keeping logs, and we wanted to give you guys your own section to do just that! So, there's now a section in the Community area of the forum for your Post W30 logs! Don't be surprised, or offended, if you find your log moved over there in the next few days. We're just working to keep things as organized as possible for all of you :0)
  19. (m)eat (I love typing that.) - I wouldn't start over because of it, unless you noticed any reaction. Your call, though.