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I am on day 5.

I am pretty happy with myself.

This is my first go at Whole 30. I heard briefly about it, went out and bought the book and started the next day.

It clicked with me because I had already messed around and seen the results of no gluten and sugar in my body.

I also think common sense says to eat what grows and comes naturally as opposed to processed stuff.



I definitely have a sugar dragon.

I am an emotional eater as well.

I am not a good cook and wow does it show when I read about ingredients I have never even heard of!


I started the Whole 30 because I am overweight. I am 48 and in good health but I worry about the future-which is tomorrow-ya know?? I have reasons to want to hide in big clothes and a layer of chunk but now when I think about the consequences that could come from not being good to my body I am really concerned.


I have 3 great kids. 2 grown and one 12. I have a good man -together 3 years. He is not into this with me. My one daughter is nice enough to be interested :) . I told her when I have completed my first 30 I should then know how to make a few yummy things and will get her on board. I think losing gluten and sugar will do her a world of good health wise. She makes me laugh all the time with things like this:I was eating something really surprisingly good and she said I said...mmm, eggs, good, mmm, salad good...to which she replied, "mom, you don't have to talk like a caveman, just eat like one." :lol: 


I tend toward bland and simple and as long as it complies I think that is perfect for me right now.

There is not much chance of me becoming bored by real food at this point. 


I had 2 really neat successes in the kitchen when experimenting!

i have hated salads BUT...I added warmed in evoo yellow peppers to one and wow what a flavour-that made me just excited to experiment with other vegetables now!!! :D

My success was simply salsa on a salad-I have never eaten a salad so fast in my life!!! LOL



Writing is good. 

I do need a buddy or 2 though.



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Another lovely conversation with my helpful daughter.....


Mom is excited about another neat meal she invented and our doggie, Clark is very intrigued and sniffing.


Mom: "This must be good if even the dog likes it!!!!"


Daughter groaning: "The dog eats poo."

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Oh my gosh I can't find the post I am writing on right now!!!!!!!


Yes, that is what I mean! LOL


I had a couple likes so I can find this because I clicked on the likes. 


Posting this to see if I can find it, jeez

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Um ....I found my post. 

I posted it in the wrong area. *insert embarrassed emoticon here*


So....as I was getting an oil change in the car I brought my whole 30 and read...spot on day 5 crankiness!!!!


i was fine and all of a sudden I could have ripped someone's head off!!!!!

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Day 6 -I am very happy how things are going. 


When I wake up I notice as i am still laying in bed that my stomach seems flatter.


At work I have to keep pulling my pants up so they don't drag on the ground.


I read some troubleshooting threads and think I need more vegetables. This morn I tried sweet potato medallions lol...um....not sure what I think yet. I had spinach in my eggs.

I am trying to cut down on fruit now. My main fruits have been cherries and blueberries and I think I over due it.

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LOL Laura...the sugar dragon is the terrible need to eat sweets. I wish I didn't have it.

As far as cravings go though I have been ok with the Whole 30 so far.

I am an emotional eater too. Sweets like chocolate are my favourite vice. 

I want to try sweet potato fries!! Any tips?

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Oh I went to my mom and painted her. I had the foresight to pack an incredible salad!!!!!!!

I am so proud of myself for that!!!!

Tonight I am going out for dinner. I am not too worried because they serve eggs all ours so I will do an eggwhite thing with cherry tomatoes and spinach. 

It won't be enough but better then messing up.

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I get it now. I dont think I have a sugar dragon, but a need for cheese and crunch dragon. ugh. 


Sweet potato fries, slice them  up lather some EVO on them with some salt and place them in the oven. I didnt like them personally. Too sweet for me! Good luck tonight!

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I had a good day.

The salad I brought to my mom's place was phenomenal!!!!

I am going to try to increase the carbs big time. I have to figure out how. I do like sweet and regular potatoes. I am going to have to read up on squashes.

NO idea how to or what to do with a squash.

I love sauteing vegetables though.

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Day 7 and very proud of myself  :)

last night I struggled with seeing junk in store and seeing commercials on tv


This morning I thought do I really think I can lose some weight in 7 days???? I am not patient with weight loss. I get it-I spent so many years eating unhealthy that it will take me alot to get to a nice place. I need to learn patience with myself.


I had so so much to do today that I did not eat enough at breakfast. I just wanted to cook protein to freeze for the week.

The good thing is I did put off other things for MYSELF for a change. I am getting better at that.


It is hard when I feel pulled in different directions by those around me. I am getting better at prioritizing but it sure is a struggle. To remember that I matter is important. What do i want and need right now? Today? If so many need me than I need to be in good health right? right.


I love this board. I look forward to getting on and reading other's logs to see how people are doing. I find writing therapeutic. Reading the information is the support I need to make me stronger for one more day. :) 

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Found 3 foods I really like now.

Yellow peppers sauteed and put in green salad

sweet potato medallions

salsa, ground meat, spinach salad


great news: due to the whole 30.....I have learned to spell the word spinach! 


woot  -_-

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this day has gone well


read and responded to a poster about day 10 and 11 coming that we need to be prepared!


I AM SOOOOO glad to know these days are coming as hard ones. 


Deep breath. I can and will do this. 

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Well I feel great.

I just posted on the may 28th join board that.....

the BMs are back and so is the libido. I really can't believe it and am so happy.

This sure beats feeling like death! 

I am really encouraged.

I have made it through some tough temptations and have really good words floating around my head as back up.

I faced my mom and working for her 2x now. 

I resist my boyfriend asking me if I want this or this or a taste of this, many times.

Most importantly I have resisted the voice in my head that says negative things and is terribly impatient.

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Happy day 9 to me!!!!!


Really happy.


Eating great and feeling full.


Look different in the mirror and that is mind blowing. I really wonder if something is changing or if i am just happy and that says alot doesn't it?


I like the food I make! Again I say, I am no cook but I am getting good at this. Just seeing my growth in this area is a thrill. I am proud of me.


I had a bad night at work to the point I don't want to be there and yet I am quite happy this morning.


My biggest issue with this, with me, is impatience. I tend toward dark thought that say if this can't be done now...within a week or month ...then why bother.

Well the fact is, I put on weight over a lifetime and I have learned to give to myself through food. I have never had a drink thinking I was doing myself a favour (another reason as well :) ) and all that time I was doing just as bad as an alcoholic  would be to his body :( Talking addiction here. 

I read some other poster talk about loving herself-learning to anyway. I am learning that I have value. My opinion of me matters more than others opinions of me. I do deserve love from myself. I deserve to be cared for as well. I want to live. I want to be what I have not seen but know is there. It is a dream. I can achieve my goal. < I wish this was a statement but it is a question. 


I wonder if it will help me learn patience if I immediately start a 2nd whole 30. It is my plan with no weighing in between.

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Just got home from work at 1:30 AM

I felt really tempted to sway-there was nothing in the way of food, just the old desire to eat junk.


I'm ok now. Weird how those old habits feel and creep up.

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Well I felt like crap emotionally because of kid related stuff then I made a delicious breakfast and read a post by i m chickie that made me really feel good.

I LOVE good writing and personal stuff in the mix. 


I am happy to be on day 10. I knew this was going to be a hard day because everything else the book said was true so far. I am ok though.

At the end of this day I will still be really ok.


This week is over that hump and on to good feelings. I am really looking forward to it.  :)

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Day 11 and feel great

No worries

period that I had missed a few times started so maybe that is a sign my body is happy

I feel my only weakness is my own moods. Emotional eating kinda stuff but even with that I feel I will make it thru

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Just found your log and you bring a smile to my face!  Congrats on 9 whole successful days.  


One hard thing to do - and it seems like you are moving in the right direction, is to stop worrying about the numbers on a scale.  We are taught from such an early age (birth really) that the numbers on a scale are so important.  Unfortunately, we can be "within weight range" and be very sick with nutritional deficiencies - or "overweight" but healthier than the skinny person next to us.  It is all about you and your body.  If you eat right, your body will reward you:  you feel better, you have more energy (which will eventually lead to "wanting" to exercise), you are happy.  You will enjoy life.


See how your clothes fit.  Gauge how much energy you have.  Use those NSV (non-scale victories) to assess your journey!


Good Luck!


PS:  a couple times you mention about eating more veggies (and more carbs) and cutting back on fruits.  If you really want some good feedback on that, consider writing what you are eating each day.  I tend to not eat enough food - and my friends who follow my log help to keep me on track!

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