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Day 1 For Me!


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I've been preparing myself for about a month and had really wanted to start a few days ago, but there's been too much going on to do it. So, today, I started...I have two weeks of meals (dinner) and grocery lists already planned and working on the rest of the month.


I am not normally a breakfast eater, but I know I'll need to with this, so I've been making a list of breakfast ideas which I know will be a big help. I've also decided that if breakfast is going to include a veggie, I'll have to prep them the night before; I'm just not into that much work in the morning. SO, today, I started with a half of a sweet potato and 2 duck eggs, scrambled with coconut oil. I used coconut oil in place of butter on the sweet potato because, let's face it, it really isn't so much about the butter flavor as it is about the oily texture/moisture. A little salt and the coconut oil was a perfect replacement for the butter. Because I ate breakfast, I'm already starving. :(


The kids have been making me crazy this morning and I'm feeling like binging!! I'm not going to, but to be perfectly honest, I could sit down in the woods and eat an entire box of Dingdongs. And not think twice about it! Do you ever just want to run away? I've been rethinking my start date all day. Then, I think about those measurements I took this morning.


Anyway! It's a rough start to the day, but I'm going to make it and tomorrow will be better.


I wish you all the best and I know you can do it! It's just a matter of want to.





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Because I ate breakfast, I'm already starving. :(


If you are starving post breakfast it's either because you didn't eat enough, because 4-5 hours has passed, because your body is crying out for nutrients or because you need to drink some water. Eating breakfast itself hasn't made you hungry, breakfast within an hour of waking is what eventually balances your homrones and those balanced hormones are what will be driving the magical energy bus you should be on in a couple weeks.

When eggs are your singular protein, the serving size is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping....for duck eggs that's probably at least three. You could probably consider adding a non starchy veggie like sauteed greens or maybe some steamed or roasted green beans and brocoli to your breakfast for additional bulk to keep you feeling full.

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You may well be right. I don't typically eat large breakfasts when I DO eat it. I figure it is because it gets my metabolism going. It seems no matter how much I eat, I end up starving by lunch time. I generally have to eat around 8, 830 and I don't have lunch at work until between 115 and 130. So, yes, it's a bit of a stretch there. I'm not a water drinker, either, but I'm forcing myself to drink about 100 oz a day, in addition to any other liquids. I'll look at ways to add in some greens. Thanks for the ideas. 


I am glad to see potatoes on the list! I thought I had blown it the past two days because I THOUGHT I saw potatoes listed as being 'okay', but I saw today on a post at Pinterest that they were not allowed. I have had small amounts of MSG, though :( I missed it on the "don't" list. I thought I'd found a good seasoning for veggies. 

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