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Going Strong On Day 3


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Yesterday I experienced being very tired, in the late afternoon, and had a burst of energy before bed.  Crazy!


Tomorrow I will be attending a workshop.  In the past, I do not rememer the lunches being Whole 30 friendly.  So...I will be bringing my lunch instead of stressing over it!!


I bought the newest Whole 30 book, with recipes, and have tried a couple!  Great tasting food!!  Tonight I plan on making the hamburgers or salmon burgers.  Whatever appeals to me at that time.


I also read "what to expect" during the next 30 days which I found very helpful.  Gonna keep on keeping on!!



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Hey Chelle,

Can I ask if you are eating breakfast within an hour of waking? That energy burst later at night is typically a sign that your cortisol is out of balance. Normally your body should be winding down and getting ready to rest for the night, not ramping up with a "second wind". The absolute level best way to deal with rebalancing these hormones is 1) getting a good night's sleep at a regular hour and 2) eating a full template breakfast within an hour of waking. It's chicken and egg in this case. Going to bed on time leads to proper sleep which leads to your hormones learning when sleep and wake time is thus allowing you to be hungry in the morning, and eating breakfast first thing tells those hormones when awake time is so that they can be high in the morning and work their way down towards bedtime.

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