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Is there a meal plan created? Or we create our own?


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You don't have to buy either of the books - everything you absolutely need is here on the site. Many people do find the books helpful, though. I haven't read the latest one, but I'm glad I read It Starts with Food. It was helpful for me to know the "whys" behind a lot of the rules and recommendations.


Part of the purpose of the Whole30 is to get us thinking about how to do this within the context of our own lives - your needs will be different from my needs. So there's no "official" meal plan on the site, though maybe the second book has one, I'm not sure. That said, these blog posts might be helpful for getting ideas. They're not "official" Whole9/Whole30 bloggers, but have great sites with mostly Whole30-compliant recipes and info.






"What to eat for breakfast" is a very common question - if you google "Whole30 forum breakfast ideas" you'll get a bunch of threads.

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Several bloggers have put together different meals for the Whole30 so there are lots of lots of ideas out there. There are also resources of batch cooking/weekly prep that give you lots of cooked protein and veggies that you can then mix and match throughout the week to create different meals. What works for you will depend on what and how you like to eat and how much time you like spending in the kitchen.


The first link which jent103 posted (The Clothes Make The Girl) has several articles about weekly cook-ups and batch cooking.

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