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Whole 30 DAY 9!!! WHOOP WHOOP


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I Feel amazing today!!!! My energy is up, my mental clarity is off the charts!! I had my annual gyne visit today and told her not to tell me my weight. It didn't phase me not one bit and the truth of the matter is I am own this Whole 30 for weight and to change my eating habits!!! it's working!!!!  Me and My fiance purchased a boat and this is our first season on it.  Tonight we are going to spend the weekend on the boat downtown Pittsburgh since we have the Arts Festival and so many other events this weekend!!! At first I was just going to stay home because I refuse to sabotage my Whole 30.  However after careful planning and preparation I am armed with all Whole 30 compliant foods to grill and mocktails to drink..Whew!!!  I am armed for battle and i know i will be victorious.  Cheers to Day 9!

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