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Completed the whole 30 on June 8th


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Hello All,


My name is Kevin and i am a new Whole 30 graduate.  My program was completed last Monday, and finally got around to weighing myself today! More about the results a little later. 


This program was a blessing for me, and I learned about it through happenstance. I was watching the Today Show, and the program was being profiled.   I had to re-watch the segment 3 times to believe it, and from there I was awestruck. I immediately looked up the program online, and said DAMN! To me it was lightning in a bottle!  I quickly told my GF about the program, replayed the segment and...she was mildly impressed (womp -womp).


Over the next couple of weeks I kept talking about it, and decided to buy the book. She too was looking for a way to lose weight and was considering a detox-cleanse.  One day my better half had a conversation with one of her good friends who is a certified wellness consultant, and discussed the program.  My Gf had been doing a bit of homework and shared the Whole 30 program with her friend.  Although the wellness consultant hadn't heard of the plan, she understood the benefits of eating in this manner. She told my gf "try it for seven days, you can do anything for seven days."  With that it was on!  My gf said, I'll give you seven days can't promise eight, but if i like it, I'll sign on for 7 more. 


My motivation for taking on this challenge began in late April, after and appointment with my doctor.  My weight was 259 lbs! Mind you i was subtracting 4 pounds for clothes as i was bargaining with the nurse. The doctor told me that I was pre-hypertensive and prescribed bp medicine, which of course I would now be on forever.  He also heartily suggested that i needed to lose a good deal of weight. He said i had good muscle mass so all i had to do was eat less. I thought i had been eating "ok" but i was a sucker for pastas, breads, lots of cheese, and alcohol. I believed by eating those foods moderation "voila" i'd lose the weight.  


We decided to begin the program in the second week of May and i was then 265 pounds.  The thought of giving up the alcohol (we liked to drink), the sugar (we liked deserts), the grains (bread, rice, pasta...sheesh), the dairy ( a hamburger with no chees or bread...that's just Un-American), and the beans.  I'll be honest I knew it was going to be tough, but i thought she'd fold on alcohol. and me on the sugar and grains.  But something funny happened, we decided to commit and stick to it (besides she was only committed for 7 days)!  


We were tested on several occasions and we successfully passed them (albeit we did have a tense night or two around days 11-14).  We completed the program this past Monday. I had noticed the weight loss on the both of us, and was blown away at our results.  I had been mentally guessing at my weight loss, by trying on older clothes in my closet on Saturday's, and the progress was keeping me on track.


When we hit the gym today, we stepped on the scale.  She lost a total of 10 lbs, unfortunately we neglected to take measurements, but she's excited about the results,  For me I lost 27 lbs!!! I weighed in at 238 lbs, this morning at the gym. However to give full disclosure I also had began to exercise. I started jogging, and in the last week, began the Body Beast program, from Beach Body.  So this was a combination of eating and exercise.  However w/o this program i would have not achieved these results so quickly.  I have now become that guy in the restaurant, who's like " I want to order this but please hold the  x,y,z"  But the results speak for themselves.   #lovingthisprogram 


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