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Lana's Whole 30 Log


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Hi I started today, can't guarantee how often I'll post everything I eat but this seems like a good place to start and keep the enthusiasm going!


Day 1 - 


Breakfast - 4 eggs, peppers, onion, basil, strawberries & water melon


Lunch - Sweet potato fried in coconut oil with red onion, basil & 2 x poached eggs


Dinner - Roast chicken with parsley, broccoli, leeks, avocado, cherry tomatoes


Snackage - strawberries, water melon, cucumber, carrot, apple, almond butter


I'm ready to drink 17 litres of red wine and eat 1000 gluten free choc chip cookies right now.  I'm having lemon water instead though.  That's very impressive I think haha


I've got left over chicken to make a salad with tomorrow for mine and the H2B lunch.  Going to have eggs for breakfast I think, I'm so tired right now, it's 8.30pm and I don't think it will be long before I go to bed.  But hey, the sooner I go to sleep the sooner it's breakfast time, yay! :D



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Eating snacks often means your meals are too small. Having just 2 eggs as your protein for lunch is definitely too small. The standard is the number you can hold in one hand and for most people that is 3-4. Not eating enough sets you up to experience cravings and to just plain be uncomfortable. 


How much to eat
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