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I was supposed to go to Prague next week but we pushed our trip off. I travel in European cities a lot being that I live here now and I've had a decent time getting around the food situation. I would research some restaurants now on trip advisor because you can put menus through google translator. I usually go to a city with a list of restaurants that I'm familiar with the menu and I know what's compliant. I'm not entirely sure of Czech specialties, but I often get some sort of grilled meat and ask for extra veggies. Be sure to ask for oil and vinegar on a salad as often times around here the standard dressing is cream based. I would also bring small containers of black olives and would take hard boiled eggs from the hotel breakfast with me throughout the day, it came in handy once when I had no compliant options but a salad with no meat, so I put the olives and eggs on it and it was perfect.


Good luck and have fun!

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