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Starting June 28th and am so excited!


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I looked into this program several weeks ago and thought about it but swore there was no way I could go through with that... but here I am! I've committed and am doing it with my husband.


I am currently nursing so I don't think I'll be able to commit to not snacking, because I am literally hungry all day long. But I've been so zapped of energy (despite getting enough sleep - thank you for a 3 month old who sleeps through the night!) and feel like I'm eating crappy food (read: SUGAR ADDICT like crazy!) all the time so I need a jump start into eating healthier, so here goes!


One thing we're concerned with is that my husband will be on a business trip in a couple of weeks for 4 days. We'll also be doing a two-day trip later on which we'll need to figure out. Any tips on how to keep it up while traveling? 



Thanks for the support! Excited to join the whole-30 club!

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You should browse the Travel and Dining Out section for ideas about travel and dining out. Also, google "Whole30 on the road" or "Whole30 travel" for links that may help.


You should plan on eating at least 4 meals per day when nursing and eating five per day would be fine. Follow our meal planning template for each one and you will probably find that you don't need to snack anymore.


How much to eat


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