My Whole 30 ends 6/30/15


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So I have a plan for my post Whole 30. Seeing as I feel great on the Whole 30, and I can tell just by looking at myself that Im losing weight (which is what I need per my doctor) Im going to continue Whole 30 living. Im going to cook and eat Whole 30. The only things Im not going to do are worry if Im going to a restaurant. Im not going to worry if they are cooking in soybean oil, or something non-compliant. I also may incorporate a cheat meal here and there (not often) when/if I even want to. Dessert will be a rare occasion, I dont want the sugar cravings back. When I was on weight watchers I ate some type of dessert daily, I havent touched dessert (obviously) since on my whole 30 and I didnt have a craving for it so I dont want to go back. I plan on doing at least 3-4 strict Whole 30s a year, just to make sure I keep in line. I have a couple friends who are starting another one on July 13th....I may do that one with them. 


I really like the way I feel, and the way my body is reacting so I dont see why I should change that? When I was doing weight watchers, prior to whole 30 I was not losing weight, I felt bad, and I was not eating NEAR as healthy as I am now. In fact, the week prior to whole 30 I stopped tracking my food on weight watchers and decided to take a week off. I lost more during my 'week off' than I did tracking...Strange, but oh well. 


Anyone else have a similar plan to me? 

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There are only choices when you have adopted a Whole30-lifestyle and no cheat meals. Some foods make you healthier and some make you less healthy. You are not cheating when you choose to eat something that makes you less healthy, but you do bear the consequences of your choices. What I hear you saying is that you hope you choose to eat mostly foods that make you more healthy. Me too!


I continued my first Whole30 120 days. I've never really done another Whole30, but sometimes go weeks at a time eating totally compliant meals. I don't worry about restaurant meals, although I typically choose meat and veggies when I am out. I rarely eat a dessert unless I have reason to believe it will be very special. I went five years without drinking any soda until about a month ago. I bought a Dr. Pepper to go with my chicken tenders and fries as I was driving through south Georgia. That should hold me another 5 years. :)

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