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Completed the first Whole30 program


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Hi to All believers and none-believers.


I started on June 1 and just finished yesterday June 30, 2015


Was suffering from a bad knee, at  the time was taking anti-inflammatory medication and glucosamine to relieve the pain.  On the first day I decided not to take any medication and by the 4th day my pain started going away, it progressed throughout the month and today I feel 90% relief.


As for the weight, started at 230 lbs. and this morning (July 1) am at 215 lbs., so that is a loss of 15 lbs. in 30 days :)


We will take 10 days off and start again in two weeks, I say WE as there are three more People already doing the diet with me.



Good luck,

A True Believer

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I am actually taking 14 days to allow the rest of the People to complete their 30 days + reintroduction, so we will start on July 13th.


Today I am a little afraid to eat the "bad things", maybe I will at lunch or dinner.

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