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Hungry hungry huuuungry: is this normal?


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So i am currently on day 21/22 and i am feeling irregularly hungry. Details you should know: i am camping and have no access to kitchen, tomorrow i will have access to a kitchen again, i get hungriest at night. Aka right this moment at 9pm venetian time (despite the fact that i ate dinner at 630). Another factor is that it is extremely hot (but i have been super aware of staying hydrated).

Breakfast (915 am)

Two handfuls of sauteed chicken (i prepared before trip)

1 grapefruit

1/2 banana

1 small handful of mixed nuts (brazil, almond, macadamia)

Lunch (130pm)

3 handfuls prepared chix

1 bag lettuce

1 tomato

1 banana

2 beets

Dinner (630pm)

2 cans tuna (80 g each)

2 tomatoes

3 beets

1 can (290 g) of artichoke antipasti (artichokes soaked in oil)

Obviously this is not the absolute mostttt nutritious food, but it is what is available to me at the moment and i am trying to make it work as best i can until tomorrow. I have been eating things like this for the past three days. Maybe the lack of ulimate nutrition is just catching up with me? Is it reasonable to eat some pistachios right now for a snack? I am low on food and i would prefer not to eat anymore tunafish thus i am left with pistachios from the campsite store as an option... Or some fruit, but i dont think thats a better option.

Thanks for your thought and advice!

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I'm not seeing fat in your lunch and your breakfast was fruit-heavy with no veggies, both of which may be contributing to your hunger.

Does the store have compliant olives, an avocado or guacamole? Any of those with compliant tuna and veggies would be a better snack than fruit or nuts. If you don't have fresh veggie options, look into jarred baby food veggies as a possibility. Try not to let fruit push veggies off your plate.

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