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Began July 7th, 2015


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Good evening everyone!


My name is Aly and I am a graduate student who is working full-time. Needless to say, my Whole30 is greatly budgeted. Even so, this is my second time going through the whole30 program and I love it! But for many reasons, I felt the need to join in on the forum this time instead of just being a silent observer.


So I started my second Whole30 last week and this has been much harder than the first for oh so many reasons!


First off, last time my boyfriend jumped into the program with me and was nice enough to not eat yummy foods in front of me! (That went away this time with a trip to Trader Joe's and his obsession with those little peanut butter cups!)


Second, we now have roommates who most definitely are not joining in on my diet, which leads to:


-Statements of 'ew, gross, you're eating that?'

-Questions surrounding 'why are you doing this? just work out more'

-More statements of 'I could NEVER give up [fill in the blank]' 

and my favorite....

-'What CAN you eat?' (followed by calmly telling them again that I can eat so many good things and actually feel good about eating them)


Third, my roommates and boyfriend love going out, drinking, and just enjoying life (especially in the summer). This program by NO MEANS prevents enjoyment, but it is difficult to be exhausted after paintballing and choose to eat the salad with no dressing, no croutons, and no cheese at the pizzeria that everyone has to go to after.


Fourth, it is a stressful month to do a Whole30. I have a part-time job on top of my full-time job and studying, and I have my dad and three teenage siblings visiting for a week (who wouldn't need a drink with that?). But I am committed and reading through these forums helps to further my commitment.


Having done the program before with great success (I lost 12 pounds while basically being glued to a desk working full time and going to grad school full time. I even survived Thanksgiving dinner paleo-style as well as a cookie exchange at work!), I have plenty to go off of to tell the naysayers exactly WHY I am choosing not to share in their amazing pizza or their restaurant trips. Still, they are definitely making this go-round much harder on me. 


I just want to say, thank you for making a forum available and I look forward to providing support to all of you! And know that, even though staying in shape is amazing with this program, the benefits reach so much farther than weight loss.








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Hi Aly

I need to post too to move from lurker to active agent!!

I started my Whole 30 on 6th July. I had done a Whole10 days leading up to the 3rd July but I went away for the weekend to see my favourite band and knew I was going to have a few cheeky beers.

I'm two months away from handing in my PhD thesis so I get the stress of making good food choices whilst trying to write clever things and think complicated thoughts!

Good luck with the family visit, I'll keep an eye out for your progress

Maxine :)

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I also am super busy and on a budget. I am a stay at home mom of three kids, I teach 3-4 fitness classes each week, I am a distance runner, and I am also a Weight Watchers leader (eeek!) doing 1-3 meetings each week! I originally started my first Whole30 on July 1, but ran a race on the fourth and didn't refuel properly. I crashed and burned and quit for a couple of days. I restarted on July 7 with my husband, and things have been a lot better this go round.

I do get the "Why are you eating that?" "You're ruining everything with the Whole30!" And "Can you have <this> on the Whole30..... Can you have <that> on the Whole30....." Not from my husband or friends, but from the three little people who I have done everything for, my kids! But my husband is doing this with me, and he's 100% on board. In fact, he wanted to do it more than I did in the beginning.

Anyhow, welcome to the forums. I love them! I browse around and have learned so much doing that. Take care!

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