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Just started this week!


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so for starters, my name is Heather, I am crrazzzzzy about all things exercise, nurtrition related. so I am all-new to this (paleo lifestyle), and i just started the whole30 Wednesday, I can't tell you how thankful i am to have found this forum!!!

A little about me, the girl who i'm sure you will see posting stupid questions allover the pages....

I finished my Nutrition education at a Holistic School for Nurtirtion way back in 2003, since then I have had 3 children and put myself and my health on the sidelines. Last year I started running and cleaning up my diet but was not satisfied with my results, I began following the Bodyrock.tv program for working out and LOVE it, which gave me amazing results; after 3 kids I have a visible 6pk and beautiful muscles. While i can see the muscles forming and are clearly there, i feel like there is just this one layer of fat that won't go away and this bloat that drives me mental, i couldn't understand it; i ate clean (what i thought was clean, keeping in mind my brain hasn't been turned on (so to speak), with my nutirtion knowledge or anything, kids ruin your brain cells). in a very long time.... I came across fructose malabsorption through afriend of mine and noticed that fructose seems to play a negative role in my digestion. from there i discovered fodmaps, and when i took out dairy it was like a huge relief and my stomach stopped giving me grief, from there i came across paleo countless times and since it kept creeping into my life (thank christ), i decided to look it up and go from there...well here i am, i'm reading Paleo Solution and am in heaven, I feel like my whole world is coming together! I have about 5 books ordered through indigo, just waiting for them to arrive here early next week so i can just pile the info in. Paleo just makes sense! i can't believe it took me this long to discover it, i feel like a huge light bulb went off when i thought about it, my entire universe is just coming together!

I have also ordered the ISWF and can't wait to receive, I am an info____(insert any word you want here i.e. nut, whore, whatever), anyways, so happy and thankful to have found this forum and you guys all sound amazing!


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