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Day 21 and HUNGRY

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So I was starting to feel the 'magic' and wasn't that hungry between meals and then BOOM, two days ago I just felt hungry all afternoon and evening.

Pregnancy related? I'm 21 weeks and wondering if baby/me is going through a growth spurt. I usually eat about 2000 calories a day and that would be enough to maintain my weight. Wondering if I need to try and add in some bigger meals or snacks.

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minimalistmom - It might be pregnancy related. Either way, I'd definitely stop counting calories and eat when you need to. Especially because your body is working hard on making a baby.

My n=1 experience is that while I have figured out a really good ratio of protein/fat/carbs (I'm requiring about 4+ times the recommended amount of fat right now) that works for me and keeps me satiated between meals on most days and my energy level even, I will still have a random day or two in a row from time to time where I need a snack or need to eat more at meal time. For me, I do think it's pregnancy related and that if I weren't making a baby I probably would not be as hungry randomly. I don't really stress about needing to eat more some days and listen to my body.

I think it's important to remember that you are eating clean, nutritious foods and because you are pregnant you will likely require different things (i.e.; more food) than someone who isn't pregnant while doing a Whole30.

I'd try adding more fat (for example; a whole avocado instead of 1/4 of one) to see if that helps.

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@missmary The reason I am counting is because my protein was too high (supposed to be less than 20% of calories while pregnant). My husband is doing the whole 30 as well so our meals tend to be 30%+ protein. I have to balance out our meals with more carbs and fat and smaller portioins of protein. Still getting the hang of what 20% feels/looks thus the tracking.

I am eating by cue but just noticed that while my hunger between meals had faded around day 14, it's returned with a vengeance the last few days.

@jennifer Thanks. Good to hear of another pregnant woman's experience. Should be able to stop tracking my protein consumption soon as I get better at balancing meals.

Is that 4 x recommended amount of carbs? Can you give me some tips? Eating a lot of avocado, sweet potatoes, veggies with Paleo Mayo Ranch dip (yum!!) to get a better ratio. Plus macadamia nuts and coconut flakes. Despite my love of all of them getting a bit bored.

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I'm requiring around 4x the recommended amount of fat. I see the recommendation of "a portion of fat the size of your thumb" all over the place in this forum and have also seen that cooking with a tablespoon of fat, plus whatever fat is naturally in the protein is enough for some. That's just not enough for me right now.

Not only am I cooking with fat at every meal, I'm adding additional fat.

Here's a sample of what a day looks like for me:

Breakfast: ground homemade pork sausage, sweet potatoes with onion, bell pepper, garlic cooked in fat (clarified butter, coconut oil or bacon fat), sauerkraut, fruit and full fat canned coconut milk. (It's berry season right now so I've been having berries with (1/3 cup or more) coconut milk poured over the top of them with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top.)

Sometimes I just drink the milk.

Lunch: Leftover protein from dinner and a giant salad with a lot of veggies. The salad/veggie part will be spinach, arugula and kale with cucumber, carrot, tomato, cauliflower, broccoli, olives (fat), a whole avocado (fat) with a homemade vinaigrette dressing (fat).

Dinner: Chicken and veggies sautéed in fat.

I don't usually add extra fat at dinner time, but if I do feel I need it I'll just drink some of the leftover canned coconut milk.

I'm curious, where have you heard/read that you should only have 20% or less of protein while pregnant?

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@jennifer Thanks for the run down of your meals. Your meals sounds similar to mine. We make a big breakfast, have leftovers for lunch and then the evening meal is a bit smaller (but we make double portions for lunch the next day).

Going to add in some coconut milk in the morning and see if that keeps me satiated longer.

20% protein is in ISWF. Says that more than that can be harmful to baby.

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