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  1. one more option: supplementing with magnesium can really help with constipation issues. Most people are deficient in magnesium anyway, so this is a win win. Be careful and take a small amount at first, working up to more slowly so you don't end up with the opposite problem. good luck, and don't worry about "flushing out the good bacteria" there is no benefit to keeping stool in your bowel. Antibiotics that kill the good bacteria are another story, but waste in your system is just that.
  2. Read this article and see what you think: http://whole30.com/2014/06/really-start-whole30/
  3. How long does mayo last?

    one caution, just in case: your mayo will last several weeks easily IF you have stored it in the refrigerator. You didn't store it at room temp, did you?
  4. Do all mushrooms have sugar in them?

    to be clear: the mushrooms are fine. enjoy!
  5. Compliant Coffee Creamer!!

    guys, sorry to be a rain on your parade person here...but: the Califa Farms Coffee Creamer is only just barely compliant. It's not a great choice on a plan where we want you to be eating real foods. Have you tried regular coconut milk or almond milk in your coffee? maybe one without six different additives? you get to decide where to draw the line with this one, just know there are better choices you could make when you are ready.
  6. Bourbon -- does it contain gluten?

    on the other hand, I would not assume that bourbon will not give you a reaction. I would separate that from gluten-free grains day so you will know if it is the liquor or the gluten-free grains causing problems. I'm not sure if it's the gluten, but for me personally, I do have a terrible reaction to bourbon/rye that I do not have from tequila for example. I don't seem to have much reaction to gluten-free grains.
  7. Hiking

    For a longer hiking trip, Paleo Meals to Go has some good options for dehydrated food that are just meat and veggies (make sure you pack fat and salt to add, though--like a pot of coconut oil or ghee or packets of olive oil or something.) For a day-hike I would pack anything I normally eat. Seriously. A kale salad will do fine in a container all day, maybe not tuna salad without an ice pack, but pretty much anything else.

    Celtic and Pink Himalayan salt have naturally occurring iodine, but not as much as the iodine added to iodized salt. Personally, I take an iodine-rich supplement (kelp) because I know I am low and I prefer sea salt to the processed stuff. A saliva test would tell you if you are low in iodine.
  9. How long does hormonal imbalance last?

    hmmm. I agree with your doctor that you should try one thing at a time, but I would have gone for the magnesium first. Taking melatonin reduces the amount of melatonin your body produces, so leads to dependency if you take it consistently over time. Most people are already deficient in magnesium (you don't make this; it comes from foods), so taking that doesn't have so much of a downside.
  10. How to handle tasting while cooking?

    yes... but the OP is talking about tasting food when cooking whole30 compliant dishes. I say taste like a normal person. Tasting and spitting seems a little extreme in this context.
  11. started a while ago, just joined forum

    Two more things (sorry to be piling on!): "plain" chicken at subway is anything but, I'm afraid that one has wheat and sugar and probably soy as well (check ingredients, but the US subway chicken is nowhere close to compliant). which book are you calling "the whole30 cookbook"? If it's "the whole 30" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, you are golden. If it's some other "whole30 cookbook" beware there are tons of imposters out there, and those aren't always compliant. "Well Fed #1" and "Well Fed #2" by Melissa Joulvan are also fantastic compliant cookbooks if you want more variety. great work so far, just a few more tweaks...
  12. roasted chicken? baked salmon? new potatoes, asparagus or other steamed veggies (maybe some hollandaise made with clarified butter)? Many of the dishes I would serve for an event like that are also compliant. They might not even know the difference.
  13. Coconut oil mayo got hard in fridge

    I have the best results with 50/50 coconut oil to another liquid oil (I've been using walnut lately).
  14. If you are hungry two hours after a meal it means you are not eating enough. Try following the meal template really (especially protein and fat recommendations, the upper end if need be) carefully for a few days and see how you do. Here is the template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf
  15. Binging and considering sugar

    You are 5'-5" and 115lbs, Have you considered that you might be binging because your body needs more nutrition than you are providing? Next time you are craving sugar (or cheese or bread), try giving your body a good portion of compliant foods instead (nice fatty meat, starchy veg, good fats on top, etc.). The whole30 isn't just about cutting stuff out.