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  1. missmary

    Compliant Coffee Creamer!!

    guys, sorry to be a rain on your parade person here...but: the Califa Farms Coffee Creamer is only just barely compliant. It's not a great choice on a plan where we want you to be eating real foods. Have you tried regular coconut milk or almond milk in your coffee? maybe one without six different additives? you get to decide where to draw the line with this one, just know there are better choices you could make when you are ready.
  2. missmary

    Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    How do you feel afterwards? I would guess that many people could do a 15 minute workout without extra fuel, but don't take it for granted. If you feel depleted, have a bite or two of protein and starchy vegetables.
  3. missmary

    Corned Beef

    The salt is doing the curing, just leave the sugar out.
  4. missmary

    Approved Supplements

    D3 is readily available with an olive oil base. The one with the eyedropper (not the gel cap) does not contain glycerin.
  5. missmary

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    calcium carbonate is ok for the whole30.
  6. missmary

    Whole30 approved almond milk?

    Califa may have changed their formulation since this was first posted, or they may use a different formula in different parts of the country. If it doesn't have off-plan ingredients it is ok to have on the whole30. It's not something we would particularly recommend having, but it is ok.
  7. missmary

    Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    Have you tried following the whole30 post-workout recommendations? That's where I would start. No need to go off plan to get carbs, eat some sweet potatoes or potatoes or carrots or winter squash, etc. along with lean protein right after you finish your workout. Plenty of water throughout the day should help with recovery as well.
  8. missmary

    Justin's Classic Almond Butter

    yes. palm oil and palm fruit oil are the same, and both are fine as far as the whole30 is concerned. I have not seen anywhere that palm kernel oil is explicitly prohibited on the whole30, but it is a seed oil, so I would limit it. "Look for palm oil, not palm kernel oil, and try to get the “unrefined” kind if you can." Melissa - See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/#sthash.EWsYj4lz.dpuf
  9. missmary

    Brand of mayonnaise ???

    nope. sugar in the ingredients means it is out for the whole30. can you describe your process for making mayo? Maybe we can pinpoint what went wrong.
  10. you know somebody is doing a whole30 when....you see them looking confused in the produce department with the whole30 book, a notebook, mom, dad and two kids all working together to try and figure out what they need to buy. Ok, this wasn't me, but I really wanted to give them a big hug, lol.
  11. missmary

    Let's talk about poop (on the Whole 30)

    yes, nuts and Lara Bars are notorious for causing digestive troubles. I would cut them out completely for a while and focus on meat, fat and vegetables (including some starchy ones) and see how you do.
  12. missmary

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Allia- The whole30 is good for getting your period back. Nourishing yourself thoroughly and completely is good for getting your period back. That does not mean it will be magically synced up and perfect. Lots of people go through a transition where it might come early or late but continuing to eat this way usually helps rather than hurting. One thing that can hurt is when people go too low carb. That's one reason why we remind people to each at least a "fist-size" portion of starchy veggies every single day. If you are really worried, have more: more starchy veggies, more fat and more protein.
  13. missmary

    Insomnia - ketosis?

    There is something called "extinction burst" where the body rebels and tries to go back to old ways, it can happen on day 5 or on day 30. resist, knowing you will be better off once it subsides. You can do this!
  14. missmary

    Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?

    It may help to know that hemp isn't a very significant source of protein at all. no need to choke it down. Also, although I think you might have post-workout sorted now, I wanted to mention that the kind of training you are doing might also require more food in general throughout the day. Consider eating the high end of the meal template as well as meeting pre- and post-workout recommendations.