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  1. missmary

    Compliant Coffee Creamer!!

    guys, sorry to be a rain on your parade person here...but: the Califa Farms Coffee Creamer is only just barely compliant. It's not a great choice on a plan where we want you to be eating real foods. Have you tried regular coconut milk or almond milk in your coffee? maybe one without six different additives? you get to decide where to draw the line with this one, just know there are better choices you could make when you are ready.
  2. missmary

    Corned Beef

    The salt is doing the curing, just leave the sugar out.
  3. missmary

    Approved Supplements

    D3 is readily available with an olive oil base. The one with the eyedropper (not the gel cap) does not contain glycerin.
  4. missmary

    Justin's Classic Almond Butter

    yes. palm oil and palm fruit oil are the same, and both are fine as far as the whole30 is concerned. I have not seen anywhere that palm kernel oil is explicitly prohibited on the whole30, but it is a seed oil, so I would limit it. "Look for palm oil, not palm kernel oil, and try to get the “unrefined” kind if you can." Melissa - See more at: http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/#sthash.EWsYj4lz.dpuf
  5. you know somebody is doing a whole30 when....you see them looking confused in the produce department with the whole30 book, a notebook, mom, dad and two kids all working together to try and figure out what they need to buy. Ok, this wasn't me, but I really wanted to give them a big hug, lol.
  6. missmary

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Allia- The whole30 is good for getting your period back. Nourishing yourself thoroughly and completely is good for getting your period back. That does not mean it will be magically synced up and perfect. Lots of people go through a transition where it might come early or late but continuing to eat this way usually helps rather than hurting. One thing that can hurt is when people go too low carb. That's one reason why we remind people to each at least a "fist-size" portion of starchy veggies every single day. If you are really worried, have more: more starchy veggies, more fat and more protein.
  7. The primary mistakes I have seen are people trying to reduce sugar too much or to use sugar substitutes (like stevia or coconut sugar). The scoby needs sugar to feed off and to keep everything in balance. When things do get off balance you are likely to get mold, which could be harmful. If you see mold, toss the whole lot and start again with a new scoby. Luckily, mold is pretty easy to detect. If something is furry or powdery, there is a good likelyhood it is mold. Slimy brown globs are normal yeast and nothing to worry about.
  8. why the darkest sugar? Dark colored sugar tends to be high in molasses, which is high in mineral content. Such mineral content is fantastic for water keifer, but too many minerals will yield yeasty kombucha--maybe not on the first batch, but after a while. Kombucha does best on organic cane sugar. Also, in case you were wondering, alternative sugars don't work for kombucha either, at least for long term, so no coconut sugar, honey, maple syrup or stevia. There is a culture that grows on honey (Jun tea), but you need a Jun scoby for that one.
  9. missmary

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    This morning: cold roasted chicken thigh, red and yellow bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots. mayo with hot sauce, black coffee. Followed this with a hard boiled egg (they were cooking when I took this picture--normally I have some on hand).
  10. missmary

    ADHD meds, whole30, self doubt

    You are not alone. I don't have the same issues or experiences or take the same medication, but this ruminating you are doing is familiar. Many people report wanting to change more more more or doubting they can really do the whole30 because of some medication or other issue. You can. You can do the whole30. You can follow all the rules and even follow all the recommendations regardless of this medication. Do that. We do not recommend suddenly stopping meds--especially psychiatric meds--without the guidance of your doctor. The whole30 doesn't require it. You may be in a better place to consider reducing your medication after you have made your way through the program. As you embark on the program, take care to make sure you are eating the meal template amounts three times every day, and including a fist-size of starchy veggies in at least one meal (preferably at night), a palm-size of protein, a thumb-size of good fat and a wide variety of non-starchy veggies at every single meal including breakfast. This will help support your body and your brain while you are doing the program. good luck! and don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it.
  11. missmary

    Whole30 for picky eaters?

    This. So many people tell themselves they are "picky" and sure enough it comes true. Don't sell yourself short! Start writing a narrative for yourself about how you used to be picky but now you are a curious and adventurous eater. Try everything--all the veggies, fats and meats--then try them all again prepared different ways. I'm pretty sure you will find out that you like more foods than you realize.
  12. missmary

    Ladies Only Privacy Disclaimer

    The ladies only forum is a publicly view-able and searchable forum, just like any of the other sub-topics. Be aware that whatever you post here may be seen by anyone, including men. The intent is to provide a space for ladies to speak with other ladies without the contribution of men, so gents we ask your respect in refraining from reading and posting in this forum. We are researching possible enhanced privacy for this sub-forum. If things change this message will be updated to reflect those changes.
  13. missmary


    This is ridiculous. Kombucha has no more alcohol than commercial orange juice (which has a little alcohol, btw). As long as no sweeteners were added after fermentation it is fine to drink.
  14. I use whole fruit, but way more than a spoonful: I put a full bag of frozen tart cherries (or cranberries or peaches, but usually the tart cherries) and let it go 5-7 days. I get good flavor that way. I have not had luck with sliced or grated ginger, but moderate success when adding ginger juice FWIW.