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Sublingual B12


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Has anybody found a sublingual B12 that is unsweetened? From what I have read, B21 needs to be sublingual or by injection, otherwise it does not get absorbed properly. However, all the sublingual B12 I have found so far is sweetened with Xylitol, sorbitol, or other sweetners.


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I don't think you can get sublingual medication without sweeteners. The whole30 allows for medications that contain off-plan ingredients if your Dr. requires them. For some things, like vitamin D, it is possible to find compliant versions, so that is what I would do. In this case if it is not possible to find I would take the Dr's orders exemption.

For other people reading this thread: this is NOT carte blanche to start taking whatever random multivitamin or supplement the guy at GNC recommended even though it has soy and wheat and three kinds of sugar. This is a specific and special case having to do with a particular person's health context.

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