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Whole 30 Day 2 and a 10km Race Complete!


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Today was an okay day. I had a lot of sugar/sweets cravings. I think because I was home alone and bored. It was raining, I was tired, etc. I am getting headaches every so often and kinda moody. I hope this will change. I am heading to bed tonight with a positive attitude and hope for a better day tomorrow. So glad I don't work until Monday.

Meal 1: Breakfast/Pre-Workout: 1 egg, egg whites, avocado, tomato, grilled veggies (peppers, mushroom, onion, garlic), coffee with organic coconut cream and cinnamon

Meal 2: Post-Workout: Chicken, spaghetti squash, tomato sauce (left-overs from yesterday)

Meal 3: Attempted to make Kale chips (I liked them sort of, but I probably won't do it again anytime soon), chicken meat “muffinsâ€, Homemade “C4†Soup (coconut-carrot-cauliflower curry)

Meal 4: Snacked on cashews, peach, coconut water (this was pre-run)

Meal 5?: Again Post-Workout: C4 soup

Exercise: Kettlebell Conditioning Workout, Stretching

I ran a 10K night race tonight with some friends. So fun, but I am going to be sore in the AM, I have not run more than 5km in a LONG time!

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Ok. Day 3 in progress.

I'm craving pizza today and wine. But I will not indulge.

Meal 1: eggs, mixed greens, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, avocado, tomato, coffee with coconut cream and cinnamon

Snack: passion tea, cashews, unsweetened coconut, banana

I also went shopping and bought lots of veggies to grill tonight and I am going to make some grass-fed beef tomato sauce with butternut squash (will this be tasty?-I'm not sure)

I am really enjoying playing and experimenting in the kitchen. A new and unexpected benefit of the Whole30.

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