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Officially starting September 10


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Hello, everyone! I'm preparing for my official start tomorrow. I'll be cooking some protein up so I'll have meals available for the coming week.

I may be a bit late to the party, but I'm determined to make the full 30 days. I'm 63 and in fairly good health, but I need to lose some weight. I have tendonitis in one shoulder and macular degeneration in one eye. I know that reducing inflammation is the best thing I can do for both conditions. While my AMD will not go away, I can at least keep it at bay and improve the chances that it will not occur in my other eye.

I'm hoping that this WOE will improve my general health and energy level. (I've been feeling kind of "old" lately.) I don't feel that I'm sleeping well, which really does nothing to start my day off in a good frame of mind.

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