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I can't believe I did it!


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Yesterday was day 31. I had some major success. I pretty much only did this to lose weight and to get rid of cravings and to eat healthier. I lost 20lbs! I also didn't work out at all. As far as non scale victories I am sleeping better but I really did not have any other issues that I was concerned over. My cravings mostly went away as well. I could be around people eating cake or ice cream and even fast food and I wouldn't flinch, that was an amazing feeling because I love junk food, at least I used to. I

kept this program simple too. No weird looking recipes lol, just lots of veggies and some chicken or other meat or seafood. Eggs and bacon almost every morning, which I did not get sick of, with some fruit. And I ate a lot of potatoes. I couldn't believe I was losing weight and eating potatoes, incredible!

I will mention that I introduced some dairy yesterday by just having cheese and my stomach hurt the rest of the night, it was miserable! I will be doing my best to stay away from it. But...if you're reading this and thinking about doing it, just do it! I actually didn't read any of the books but I'm going to now. I found out about whole 30 from a friend on a weekend who had success, I research it and decided to do it right away before I lost my zeal so I started Tuesday and here I am still desiring veggies and chicken! I feel amazing!

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