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BFing and NOT hungry

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I have been wandering around the BFing board here and keep seeing how all the nursing moms are starving all the time.


I am really having almost the opposite as a problem.  I am not hungry!  I cant really imagine fitting in a fourth full meal or snacks most days (I am on day 8)

I feel like I am eating SO much.




Breakfast- 4-5 eggs scrambled in evoo (one of the kids had some so I don't have an exact amount) plus about 2c of steamed veggies.  Few watermelon chunks


Lunch: 1.5 chicken apple sausages, few cups of fresh green beans and mushrooms sautéed in sesame oil and garlic, topped with toasted sesame seeds, banana


I snacked on some watermelon when I cut it up.  I couldn't resist!  Wasnt hungry, but it looked so good!


Dinner: 3 grilled chicken tenderloins, grilled squash, broc, cauliflower and mushrooms.  Watermelon. 

I had a handful of cashews before bed bc I was worried I hadn't had enough fat for the day.


Really though, other than being a little hungry while making lunch I was quite satisfied ALLLLL day and evening. 

Supply may be down a touch, but this is kid number 4 and she is 8mos- I know it varies. 

So I guess I am getting enough??



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I'm not an expert on breastfeeding moms, so someone else with more experience may come along with other suggestions, but I think if you're feeling good, have a reasonable amount of energy for someone with four kids, and your supply is good, you're probably okay. You seem to be eating a good amount of food and seem to have a pretty good handle on things. Be sure you add fat to your meals -- you don't list any with dinner -- and keep an eye on how you're feeling.


If you feel hungry, obviously, eat. If you start feeling tired, weak, moody, irritable (um, more of those things than a person with four kids usually feels, anyway), or if you notice your supply dropping, then work on adding more.


If you really think you're not getting enough fat, an easy way to get some more would be to drizzle oil over your food as you serve it -- olive oil or sesame oil would work well. It would get your fat consumption up without adding a lot of volume to your meal. You might also try drinking coconut milk (alone or in coffee or tea if you drink them) throughout the day as another way to get a little fat in without actually eating more stuff.

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