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I feel terrible!

Yodas Mom

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I feel terrible and I'm on day 15. What's up with that? The first 1.5 weeks I felt just fine. Last week (about day 11) I started to feel tired - not lethargic per se, but as if I had been awaken during REM sleep and I felt like that for several days. I generally log about 7.5-8 hours of sleep/night. I tried to get more sleep in this weekend. Last night a sudden and intense headache came on quickly. Today a low grade headache has appeared along with that exhausted feeling again. By my calculations I got about 7.5 hours of sleep last night.


My food intake this weekend wasn't on point - no noncompliant food - just not eating as regularly as I should due to a busy schedule.


Am I just having a delayed response to this process? Did my irregular food consumption this weekend contribute to the headaches? The good news about all this - I have no cravings. Nad. So there's the up side..right?

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Can you post a few days of your food and liquid intake (including references to cups/palm size) so that we can help see if there's anything that needs to be tweaked? 

Your headache and tiredness are both signs of not eating enough...

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