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    Names for MSG

    Thanks for posting. So for the purposes of the program, it's ADDED MSG that is not allowed. MSG does occur naturally in foods so things like gelatin are going to have it and yeast extract naturally contains glutamic acid. For people with high sensitivity to MSG reactive foods, this is a great list of foods to avoid and many of them in the 'may contain or create' list are off limits for the purpose of the program anyway.
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    Names for MSG

    This link does not work.
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    Found at Family Dollar

    Freeze dried fruit in itself is not called out - I would personally put these in the same category as apple chips and kale chips... round, crunchy, snack sized bag - they can be easily over eaten without even realizing it. There are no Whole30 police tho and since freeze dried fruit is not specifically called out, if these hadn't been labelled 'crisps' maybe I wouldn't have been so quick to say no... kind of a gray area and altho fruit is always a decent choice, one should be careful with things like this as they can prop up a sugar dragon and push veggies off the plate.
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    No, it is a fat option that you're welcome to either use or not use. There are other fat options if you don't like or are allergic to avocado.
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    Pre/post workout snacks

    You could try going without the post workout if you don't feel the intensity is there - turkey jerky would be relatively lean so that would work if you wanted to try that. If you decided to try without the post workout and find you're recovering slower then definitely add it back in.
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    Day 14; becoming scared of foods i like

    This is all totally normal! Society and the diet industry basically tell us that if we’re on a ‘diet’ (which this is not!) then it’s going to be boring, bland food and certainly none of the things we really like and when we DO eat those, we’re probably ‘cheating’ or have ‘fallen off’ the program. In reality, these things you list are food… complete nutritous foods with vitamins, minerals, fibre etc… they’re nothing you should feel guilty about but knowing that you do, it’s definitely a good opportunity to really sit down and consider why you feel guilty. What was your eating like in the past, what have you been told by magazines, your parents, your friends etc… about how you should feel about food and how can you work towards a healthier mindset about food in general so that you don’t have feelings of guilt… there’s no morality in food – just choices that you make (paraphrasing Melissa Hartwig Urban’s InstaStories here). Second, feeling sad is also very normal and often it’s food grief… here’s a great article that might be helpful . Third, it’s a 30 day program, not a 14 day program . Be patient and stay the course. The one thing I will say is that if you’re feeling this added stress about guilt, possible grief and sadness, that’s going to make a difference in your hormones and how your body is currently reacting – stress of any kind is always a factor in how we feel so the fact that you’ve got these emotions going on could be directly related to any changes you may or may not see.
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    Approved frozen foods at Walmart

    If it has ghee in it, then they have to say 'contains milk' as ghee comes from butter. I don't have that package in front of me so if you want to take a quick picture of it or list out the ingredients, we can take a look but it's probably the ghee.
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    Found at Family Dollar

    Nope, not allowed - Please refer to the No Chips rule
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    Doctor's orders meets readiness to act

    We recommend a fist sized serving of starchy carb a day to start with - more for those that are especially active, athletes, persons on or near their period, persons with mood disorders, so that boiled potato is a good thing! Just make sure you're doing the rest of your veggies for the day as non starchy
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    First Whole 30 starting on 1/21!

    Ya, it's definitely not recommended to feed that sugar craving but if you can't kill it at first with distraction, eat something fatty and salty like olives... don't give it sugar in the form of fruit or dried fruit and while nuts may be considered fatty and salty, they're actually kinda in the same category as fruit and dried fruit so try not to rely on them to prop that sugar craving up either... the only way to kill the dragon is to starve him and he doesn't know the difference between dates and a snickers bar, he only knows he got what he wanted... don't give it!
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    Day 9 and feeling groggy!

    You should still have the starchy carb - the recommendation is to start with one fist sized serving a day, more if you are an athlete, especially active, a person on or near their period or a person with mild mood disorder. The REST of the veggies should be the non starchy and you've got a good selection there for today! Great!
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    Natural Caramel

    If it was 'natural caramel flavor' then it would be fine. If it didn't specify 'flavor' then I'd say better safe than sorry, sounds like sugar. Caramel color or natural caramel color would also be out as that is a sneaky sugar.
  13. SugarcubeOD

    Day 9 and feeling groggy!

    It actually looks like you’re undereating… Starting with breakfast, the starchy carb is recommended to be a fist sized serving – where is the rest of your plate full of veggies? Lunch, unless you ate a vat of soup, it’s unlikely that there was enough Kale in there to make up 1-3 cups of veggies (also no fat??) Dinner – eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping – for veggies that wilt like greens, you need to eat a massive amount of them to make an impact due to the water content and unless you ate an entire onion and one or more peppers, you were likely lacking veggies there as well. You could try using regular table salt to get the iodine but it’s more than likely that you’re just a bit undernourished.
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    Thrive Market Coconut Wraps

    They're endorsed as a product that would be suitable for after your Whole30, should you want to bring back wraps and roll ups. They are not suitable for during a Whole30.
  15. SugarcubeOD

    Day 9 and feeling groggy!

    Usually it's because you're not eating enough, drinking enough water, salting your food. If you would like some feedback, please feel free to post specific meals, portion sizes, veggies, fat, protein, water consumption and anything else that might be relevant.
  16. SugarcubeOD

    Day 15 and having issues since Day 6

    Yes, the meal planning template - making your meals match those recommendations is going to help you get the most out of the program. Not sure about the sinus pressure - it is cold and flu season so it might be from that or it could be a detox symptom if your way of eating prior to the Whole30 was particularly bad. If it gets worse, I'd go to the doctor. And no, you can eat cooked or raw veggies, bearing in mind that some raw veggies can cause some people significant digestive distress... (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc).
  17. SugarcubeOD

    Day 15 and having issues since Day 6

    Yep, that's due to meal composition so lets try and get those meals matching the template and you'll find within a couple days you won't need to snack as much
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    Day 15 and having issues since Day 6

    So that's actually an interesting thought... do you feel like you're eating too much food because you're full all the time or because society tells women that they're not supposed to eat very much? If it's because you're full all the time, it could be due to the way your meals are composed or it could be because if you're constipated, often that will cause a decrease in appetite. If it's because it 'looks like too much food based on what a magazine tells us to eat' then shove that thought out the window - you deserve to properly nourish yourself and eating a moderate amount of protein, a bunch of veggies and an added healthy fat is the way it's SUPPOSED to be
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    Day 15 and having issues since Day 6

    Sorry you're not feeling well. You've pretty much outlined what I think is going on... you're not eating nearly enough. A turkey patty with ranch dressing is not a meal... but I think you know that Greens chew down to almost nothing so you'd need to eat a wheelbarrow full to get an appropriate amount of veggies in a meal if that was the only veggie with your meal. I think you could be constipated from lack of veggies and it could also be that if you're actually not eating enough there's not as much waste generated so your movements are going to be smaller and spaced further apart. Take a look at the meal template and really try and strive for matching it at every meal. Eggs when they are your sole source of protein would be as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping so unless you want to add additional eggs to your breakfast, add in some leftover protein - and a couple cups of non starchy veg as well. It looks like starchy veggies appear quite often in your meals which is fine but when you're not eating enough green veggies (non starchy), the starchy ones can cause constipation. If you're generally dehydrated and you're only on day two of drinking an appropriate amount of water, that's going to take some time to get your body rehydrated to the point where the liquid is going to start softening things up. It's great that you're trying to up your fluid intake but really make it a priority to drink that much, especially since you're not eating a ton of veggies. Also, yes, remove the nuts and nut butters for now, they probably aren't helping the situation and besides maybe exacerbating the constipation, you need to be getting the meals down before you start adding in the snacks. Also, please remove the smoothies from your dinners. Smoothies are not recommended for a variety of reasons and pushing veggies off the plate is one of them that is clearly affecting you at this time. Start bumping up your meals to match the template and get you 4-5 hours between so you don't need to be snacking at night and prioritize water and veggie improvements and I think that will start to help.
  20. SugarcubeOD

    Headaches!!! Help!

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Could you be coming down with something? Your meals look reasonably good - I can' tell from the quantities tho how much protein and veggies you're getting. Do you follow the meal template? 1-2 palm sized servings of protein, a plate full (1-3 cups) of veggies and added fat? It looks like you might rely on the cooking fat for some meals so I would suggest adding a plated fat to those meals such as olives or guacamole/avocado. Your chili meal probably didn't have enough veggies by a long shot which means you likely underate at that meal. Greens chew down to nothing so a side salad can be made a bit more hearty by adding some cooked veggies or other salad type veggies if you just had greens there.
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    This is fine
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    Prolonged/abnormal period (on BC) & fatigue

    You may not be actually clinically anemic but you could have low iron anyway... consider taking an iron supplement (Feramax150 is good) or really up your dietary intake of iron rich veggies and proteins (a quick google search will get you some options). You can also give us a run down of what you've been eating and see if there's something that stands out - one thing to make sure is if you're eating at least a fist size serving of starchy veggie every day
  23. SugarcubeOD

    Daily Spritzers?

    Yep, that would be fine What I meant by 'splash' is 'you're not using 50/50 juice to sparkling water right'?
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    Here's a reply
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    Daily Spritzers?

    Is it just a splash of compliant juice in a sparkling water? If so, that's fine altho you should be sure to also be drinking plenty of plain water as well.