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  1. Me too but yes, the Bok Choy is sturdier while still having that nice tender green flavor! It's back on the menu this week - I'm making Greens with Potatoes and Sausage from Well Fed Weeknights for next week and while I will do the kale that is suggested, I find those recipes don't usually have enough veg so I'll add my mushroom concoction to amp it up.
  2. Looks delish! You know what's tasty? Sauteed mushrooms and sliced baby bok choy together - I thought of that when I saw your fried eggs and mushrooms item and thought that might help you increase your veggies - I make a huge deep frying pan full of that and then reheat during the week... it's surprisingly hearty!
  3. It's not the last cake or tray of baklava that will intersect with your life so enjoy the good smell and remember that you are stronger and more powerful than baked goods!
  4. LOL! I have eaten some extremely ugly things... they may not be social media worthy but they were compliant, I was hungry, then I wasn't so I consider that a success! It's also a good thing I live alone because no one can see all the weird 'one bowl' meals I eat
  5. NSV over here on Day 11 - I'm down a belt loop in my regular belt I wear! (As @ladyshannysaid, 'who wears a belt anymore... apparently I do!). It's funny you mention the candy @Lorna from Canada- I was at the office on Tuesday and my office mate asked for the Jelly Belly container that I keep in my desk drawer - she eats the majority of them so not sure why in my desk... anyway, the smell of them was so intense (this weird sugary fruit scent)... that was hard to resist... but I did it!
  6. Sorry you're not feeling well. Are you salting your food and drinking enough water? (1/2oz per pound of body weight is the recommendation). Nothing on here seems like it stands out - the only thing duplicated was the peas so maybe leave the peas out for a bit? Also, of note, the Cassava flour tortilla would not be compatible with the Whole30 under the 'don't recreate baked goods' rule and the chia pudding is not compatible either.
  7. I agree with @ShannonM816 - it's definitely over thinking it. I would encourage the person to make sure they're eating more non starchy veg on a regular basis because this much meat and starchy carbs could create a problem with bathrooming habits. I would also find out from the person if they are going 4-5 hours between meals or if when eating in these proportions, they seem to be able to go 6-8 or more. If it's the latter, then we would encourage them to scale back to get to a 4-5 hour place and the first place that would make sense to scale back would be the steak (in this case) as you woul
  8. Looks like this one is out of stock
  9. Some foods that are compatible with the Whole30 are not necessarily compatible with each of us... it could be an indicator that you're not a person who should eat certain potatoes. It might be a quantity thing (are you eating potatoes every day?) or it could be that regular potatoes just don't agree with you. That's the beauty of the Whole30 is that we find out these things about ourselves.
  10. As you are an adult and there are no Whole30 police, you can do what you feel is best for your body, understanding that should you have yogurt, you would not have completed a Whole30 as dairy is not compatible with the program. With a quick google of 'Anti Candida Diet' I got a list of principles that ARE compatible with the Whole30 including eating fermented foods (kimchi, saurekraut), low sugar fruits, mostly non starchy veg and minimizing caffeine. See if you can spend some time researching other things that are recommended for anti candida that also fit into the rules of the Whole30.
  11. I'm here lagging behind you guys on Day 8 but being part of this group and you guys blazing the trail is definitely keeping me motivated and on track! I have to go to the office two days this week (unfortunately my 'office' is actually the hospital so that makes me quite nervous) but I got my breakfast and lunch all packed up in the fridge waiting and my teabag and travel tea cup are even ready for tomorrow already. My drive to the hospital is quite long (about an hour and 10) and in the mornings if I'm feeling drowsy, I usually have a mint... I'm hoping that I'm far enough along in the Whole
  12. This is a good thought process to apply to all foods - to ensure that you're not trying to cram non-compatible food into compatible packaging. the good thing is, that unless you're coming off a massive hot dog or breakfast sausage addiction, these are fine. Baked goods of any kind are definitely not fine as per the rules but other things, such as say... almond coated chicken tenders would be fine... again, unless you were coming from a place where all you ate was fast food chicken tenders. Does that make sense?
  13. Are you eating a lot more of something now that you don't normally eat? Cauliflower rice, avocado, nut milks etc? I would also suggest cutting back on the fruit if you're eating a lot of it, that can be troubling to the gut... @Diana128there are no rules or recommendations around 'food combining' in the Whole30 outside of the recommendation to eat protein, fat and veg at every meal. If you're having bloating problems, I would probably remove those prunes for the time being.
  14. This article which announces the new exception for peas includes yellow split peas right in the header Always check and see if you can find an article or other official Whole30 resource about the rules, especially when there's a change
  15. good work! I like my own roasted potatoes much more than a frozen french fry also... I've been doing 'oven fry' experiments to try and get the crispiest oven fries using only potato... to soak or not soak, to pre cook or not pre cook, to dust with starch or not... So far the ones I just soaked in hot water and then dried and oiled tasted like the best potato I'd ever eaten in my life but they were not even remotely crispy so... LOL!
  16. Sorry you're having a rougher time this time! It honestly doesn't look like you're eating enough. I would switch out the smoothie for a chewed breakfast... the half an avocado is great but 1-2 handfuls of spinach is about a biteful when it gets chewed/wilted down... think about steaming or sauteeing spinach. Also, chewed food lasts longer in the system and digests differently than liquid food and while not considered incompatible, smoothies are not recommended. ( Also, we recommend 1-3 cups of veggies per meal... I'm not sure how you make
  17. Double checking with HQ on this - stay tuned.
  18. Sorry, I might not have been clear Commercially available chips and french fries are not allowed - see below. Also, paleo pancakes aren't grey... no recreating baked goods of any kind... There definitely are some grey areas around the Larabars and I agree that for the most part they're not an ideal item but in a pinch if they keep you from going through the drivethru because you got stuck in traffic then because they're whole compatible foods, they're in. You can definitely decide not to include them in your Whole30 - I make that decision because I don't like to have that stuff
  19. This is mostly true except for where commercially available chips come in. Those are definitely a no go regardless of intention. The Larabars and RX bars and the like definitely need to have some consideration taken before eating and are only recommended as emergency foods - stuck on the tarmac in an airplane for three hours before a four hour flight...
  20. Wow, that is BEAUTIFUL! CONGRATULATIONS! Will you be relocating there full time? I can imagine it's stunning in every weather and season!
  21. What is the date from this screen shot and what platform is it on because that's not her username. Natural and artificial flavors are fine for the Whole30. It IS true that some people will google, find out how these are made and then choose not to consume them but for the official purpose of Whole30, they are okay.
  22. Make sure you're also not skimping on fat. Fat is what slows down the absorption of protein which in turn gives your meals longer staying power... not to say you may not need more starchy veg, just one other thing to consider
  23. Oh and I posted this on another thread for someone but thought that maybe it was a good reminder... sometimes I like looking at the list and seeing things I hadn't thought of - keeps the spirit up! Does anyone have any Non Scale victories that are not listed?
  24. Haha! I wish! Unfortunately there's no secret button for us that makes the entire journey easier... it does help to be on here helping other people but you don't have to be a 'staffer' to do that so... I'm doing okay! Coming off a habit of having something after dinner so that's a bit hard to break but if I ask myself if I'm actually hungry or just grieving the loss of that habit, the answer is pretty clear. The one thing I LOVE about Whole30 which I always experience right away is the feeling of extra brain space that I get when I don't have to 'debate' food. There's no 'but I alrea