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  1. Renew Life's Cleanse More and Probiotics

    We don't recommend doing cleanses or detoxes as part of this program.
  2. I can't stop this feeling

    I would encourage you to take another look at the template and make sure you're getting your veggies and fat with every meal as per the template. I think you're tired/headachey and wanting to eat because it looks like you're undereating... Eggs when they are your sole source of protein would be as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping. Add fat to that scramble in the morning. Try and get your lunches to have more veggies also - don't let that fruit push veggies off your plate Keep up the good work! Love that you schedule in quiet time!
  3. Extreme Picky Eater

    Wow, that sounds very difficult. It's pretty hard for us to tell you what to eat because we have no idea of what your particular taste and texture issues are... I would try roasting, steaming, grating, sauteing, mashing veggies until you find some way that you like them... as far as select meats, you don't mention what those are, so again, hard to say but try ground, roasted, crock pot, instant pot etc....
  4. Digestion and Tomatoes

    Sometimes we want to pin these types of things on a 'named' food sensitivity like 'nightshades' or similar but it's possible your body just doesn't like tomatoes... or can handle them in small doses but gets really crabby when too many go in... it's why food issues are generally quite difficult because each person is different... Personally I cannot eat raw tomatoes or a lot of tomato based food because it does terrible things to the inside of my mouth...
  5. Alternatives to Advil?

    Take the Advil... we don't want you being in excruciating pain
  6. Teen on Whole30

    Pre and post workout meals would be the same for her as for any other participant... at 15 you don't need to cater to her like you would small children... hardboiled eggs, chicken breast with guacamole, leftover meatballs etc... we don't encourage snacking on larabars and nuts anyway, so no problem with her not being able to eat those. I don't think making 'fries' is the best plan either... stick to the template and recommendations... if she needs to eat more, she needs to eat to the high end of the template and if mini meals between main meals are necessary, also stick to the template of protein and fat and ideally veggies.
  7. Can I have potatoes fried in pork lard?

    As long as you're making them at home and you're pan frying and not deep frying. - caveat to that being if you have an unhealthy relationship with french fries, then no, you'd want to steer clear.
  8. How to recover from missed breakfast

    Keep some tinned tuna or olives in your desk drawer; run out to the store and get some hardboiled eggs or tinned fish, go to chipotle and grab the pulled pork... really the only way to prevent that crash that's due to not eating enough is to eat... Buy a Wild Zora bar or an Epic bar or a Chomp meatstck and throw it in the bottom of your purse and forget about.... you'll remember it's in there if this happens again. Just so you know tho, it is HARD to recover from a missing or insufficient breakfast... it sets up your whole day so you're playing catch up so while you may have not felt 'as bad' if you had an emergency snack hidden away, chances are you would still feel the effects of it...
  9. Organic Rice Concentrate??

    Thanks for weighing in. This all makes sense, however for the purpose of the Whole30, it does not matter 'why' there is a non compliant ingredient, just that IF there is (of which rice and rice products including hulls or concentrate) it's out for the 30 days.
  10. Mild Cilantro Lime Salsa

    Lime juice concentrate is fine
  11. Okay so can I just clarify, you wake up at 5 and it's 3 hours before you can sit and have your food? What happens if you made something ahead of time so you didn't have to cook in the morning? Or ate on transit on the way to work or in your car? Neither of these are ideal in the 'sit down and eat a meal' context but waiting for 3 hours isn't ideal either. I don't think doing a mini meal would save you that much more time than just making a meal ahead of time and eating it when you wake up... assuming you'd prepare your mini meal or eat something that doesn't require cooking... just apply that principle to a full sized meal.
  12. HELP! Unknowingly ate sugar in garlic salt!

    It depends, some table salt lists dextrose, which is why they had to make the table salt ruling... so it could be that on the ingredient list that the original poster saw...
  13. Broths

    I googled the ingredients on the chicken one... it includes dairy, soy and two kinds of sugar...
  14. Mashed Fruit Iced Tea

    Yes, you can mash up some fruit or you can find a 100% fruit juice and put a splash of that in to your tea... just make sure you're not going overboard and making a tea smoothie
  15. Whole 30 and Rheumatoid Arthritis

    The information and benefits anyone on those older threads realized would be the same today... the program has not changed since 2009 with the exception of allowing white potato and disallowing ANY storebought chips. You can also take a look on the testimonials page and read through by illness how it may help and how it has helped others.
  16. Snacks

    You don't need to start over unless you've eaten something off plan... going forward just use the recommendations as above
  17. September 18 start date

    In order to keep the main boards easy to navigate and non confusing for newbies, we ask that someone in your group start a reintro group in the After whole30 section of the forum so that you can freely discuss reintros and 'off plan' foods. Thanks for checking!
  18. Thanksgiving is talked about at length on this forum every year... I just googled 'whole30 forum thanksgiving' and got tons of results... here's the search link to get you started
  19. Freeze Dried?

  20. Frank's RedHot Wing Sauce - Buffalo

    you would not be able to use this at home because of the canola oil... canola oil only being permitted when eating out if nothing else is available and not for home use... sooooo close!
  21. September 18 start date

    I think this issue can be put to bed now but I would like to say that the moderators are not 'intruding' on the threads, we've been tasked with this job by Melissa herself.
  22. Headaches

    Headaches can be caused by any number of things and sometimes it can be when we're doing something very different than our 'norm' that we assume it's because of the change. It could be barometric pressure, your time of the month, tension, stress, a bad pillow, grinding your teeth at night...
  23. Almond milk

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but smoothies are not recommended either... see the Can I Have guide linked in my signature for more details on that.
  24. The recommendation is 3 template meals a day spaced 4-5 hours apart, ideally no snacking altho if you need to eat between meals because you are going longer than 4-5 hours, a mini meal based on the template is recommended over fruit, nuts or other 'snacky' items. Pre and post workout are outlined on the meal template as well.
  25. Hey there. I've merged your posts as it's against the forum rules to cross post over multiple threads. The meal template is really the bare minimum any adult human needs to eat on a daily basis. If you're not getting enough nutrition then you're putting your body at stress while it's already trying to keep things going with the chronic pain and sleeplessness. I would strongly recommend that you work on eating at least the low end of the template three times a day however in your particular circumstance, it may be helpful for you to see a functional medicine doctor who can help with the eating plan as well as your pain and lifestyle concerns.