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  1. Melissa is a certified sports nutritionist. On the Whole30 team are dieticians and nutritionists, however we always say that you should talk to your doctor about changing your diet and a doctor's recommendations trump ours 100% of the time. That said, this is a 30 day elimination diet and there is very little science about how not eating dairy or grains for 30 days would be detrimental to one's health in general. The program is not suggesting that you remove all these foods from your diet forever, jut that you remove the most commonly inflammatory ones and then add them back in strategically
  2. It IS just dried and ground up citrus pulp. Seems the same to me as any other flour alternative as long as its not being used to recreate baked goods so I'd say you're good to go.
  3. You could try reducing the amount of starchy carbs and increasing your amount of non starchy veg... lettuce, kale, cucumber and spinach are all mostly water and chew down to nothing so try adding more substantial non starchy veg - colored peppers, brussels sprouts, broccoli, summer squash, radish, tomato etc... (peas are not considered a starchy veg). Are you counting calories? From my review, it looks like you're undereating by about half of what you should be eating.
  4. Sorry you're not feeling well. It's hard to tell from how you've listed out your food - how do your meals stack up to the meal template (linked in my signature below). Are you eating a 1-2 palm sized portions of protein, filling your plate with vegetables and adding plated fat (looks like you have olives but how many is 60g?). Second, we don't encourage weighing out your food like this - we want you to be a bit more intuitive with your eating, which is why the meal template is so good. Fill up your plate with real food and then eat it. What I suspect is that you're vastly undereati
  5. For the forum in general, there's usually a thread that's started around the first of each month by someone starting, like yourself that other participants interact with. We only host 'official' Whole30's once or twice a year, the rest of the time, people can start whenever they want. It's a bit quiet on the forum in the summer, just due to holidays and the nature of summer. You can also start a Whole30 Log in the Log section here where you can post photos of your meals and journal about your experience.
  6. Yes. As long as the ingredients do not contain anything not compliant with the program rules, it's fine.
  7. Hey there! First, the easiest way to navigate the forum is to use Google. And if you format your search like as follows, that should pull up forum topics. ''whole30 forum ABC' Second, with regard to fruit, you don't mention how much fruit you're eating but you don't have to eat any - many of our participants find that fruit either keeps their sugar cravings alive or doesn't serve them digestively. Personally, I eat almost no fruit. Still feeling detox-y at three weeks is a bit of a lengthy time altho not unheard of depending on the context, but if you want to give us a breakdo
  8. Both canned meats and the salsa are fine. Crackers are not based on the Pancake Rule, regardless of their ingredients
  9. Yes, check the additive list that I mentioned above - both Ascorbic acid and citric acid are compatible.
  10. This is fine. You'd be looking for sugars mostly - can't think of what else that is not compatible that would be added to frozen fruit but just compare all the ingredients to the rules (including the sneaky sugars and additives list we have (linked in my signature below) and you're golden!
  11. Don't forget, you can have starch at meals - potato, carrots, winter squash, sweet potato... all starch
  12. Sulfites naturally occur in grapes which are used to make red wine vinegar. Products with sulfites listed this way are compatible with the program. If sulfites are listed in the ingredients or any indication that they are 'added', that would not be compatible. Enjoy your salad!!
  13. The original Whole30 does not allow chickpeas. The new Plant-Based Whole30 does allow chick peas. The book you reference would be the rules for the Original Whole30. Here are the rules for the PB Whole30
  14. Not quite the right 'plant' forum for this topic...
  15. Well that's great that you get relief when you're on Whole30. I'm not a doctor so I couldn't say for sure why but I surmise that because IBS is an autoimmune disease which is impacted by inflammation, when you remove the inflammatory foods (grains, legumes, dairy, soy, sugar), you're lowering your inflammatory load. Also, again, not a doctor here but it's possible that eggs for instance, react in YOU with something you eat off Whole30 (toast as an example). When you remove that toast, maybe your body doesn't consider the eggs a problem... The best way to go forward is to do the re-int
  16. My understanding is that for a vegetarian/vegan diet, FODMAP's can be a challenge - there's some great resources on high and low fodmap foods if you search google like that give quantities of things like beans that you can still eat while staying low fodmap. Of course, please apply the rules of the PBWhole30 to anything you find, for instance, most low fodmap lists will list corn or grains which is off limits for both Whole30 programs.
  17. Yep! It's only the ingredient list you need to worry about for the purpose of the Whole30. As long as sugar or any sugar substitutes or sneaky sugars are not listed in the ingredient list, then it doesn't matter what the nutritional panel says.
  18. From my cursory google of how they're made, I see no reason why they would not be compatible with the Whole30.
  19. Homemade mayo should actually last as long as the expiry date on the egg you used (unless you've mixed other things into it).
  20. Ideally you'd find one of these supplements that is compatible with the Whole30 (no sugar/sweetners) but this is a doctor's orders type thing so just find the item most compatible with the program and use that.
  21. You would want to talk to your own physician/nutritionist/pharmacist. The moderators on the forum are volunteers and majority if not all of the members are just regular folks, not in the medical field.