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  1. Oh shoot, that's too bad! Unfortunately they're an independent company so Whole30 volunteers and staff can't actually access their customer service. I will let HQ know you're having trouble as they do keep track of these things with regard to their partners.
  2. Yep, I'm the one that said that and it still holds true. If you're using it to make a glaze for some meat or something else savory where the jam isn't the star, then yes, go for it. If you're using it as topping over banana 'ice cream' then no, definitely not. (also, no to the 'ice cream )
  3. I clicked on three of the products - they all have some sort of sweetener (maple syrup, birch syrup, date syrup) and as such that would make these non compatible with the program. Remember if you read the labels and compare the ingredients to the rules, you can learn how to get familiar with how to determine if something is compatible and then you don't have to wait 13 hours for an answer
  4. I think if there are chunks of bread floating in your mustard or you recall accidentally dumping a cup of flour straight into the bag of nuts, then you'd want to avoid those foods but in the cases you suggest where there's a whiff of a chance that a crumb of something that's not compatible, you're safe to proceed with your mustard. The only time I'd say that you should be more strict is if you were celiac or had a very high sensitivity to an ingredient you think might have cross contaminated but in that case, that ingredient is likely not in your house so it's unlikely to be the case.
  5. No, sorry, date syrup is considered a sweetener - it's one of those 'we have to make a rule that is simple and comprehensive so any commercially available sweeteners are out'. That said, you'd be better off following the recipe - date syrup is going to be WAY sweeter than just pulverized dates.
  6. Whole30 does not require that ingredients be organic, only that they follow the rules of the program. This tea is fine.
  7. With regard to baked goods, yes, this is correct. Regardless of the ingredients, if it is recreating a baked good with compatible ingredients, it still remains incompatible. - Siete products are great for your food freedom but they are not compatible with the Whole30.
  8. Check out this article about what to expect on the program (many people vary but it's a good guide). I would think you're probably just in the detox/hangover phase.
  9. There's unfortunately no list of restaurants that offer compatible dishes because any restaurant could really. It's easy when there's W30 items on the menu and you can check the Whole30 approved list filtered by restaurant ( to see if there's anything near you but in the absence of that, we'd advise that you fall back on doing your research, calling the restaurant you want to go to during non busy hours to see what they can offer and asking a lot of questions when you get there.
  10. Whole30 HQ is taking it up directly with the partner and it will be fixed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  11. If the cramping is due to imbalanced electrolytes, there are ways to deal with this such as the unflavored LMNT powders that you would put in your water - as long as whatever you're using doesn't contain off plan ingredients (usually sugar), they're good to go. As far as feeling like you're not getting enough nutrition, lara bars, dried fruit and nuts, starchy carbs, hardboiled eggs, leftover cooked chicken etc... It may be less 'convenient' to stay fueled during your rides while you're doing the program but it's definitely possible - just think about what you get from the substances you take
  12. Hey there! I've sent a note to HQ to see what they have to say
  13. If you were able to still bake but not eat it, maybe you could link up with some charities in your community that would appreciate home baked goods - Safe houses for victims of domestic violence and the like would probably love occasional treats. If having the baking in the house is not something that would work for you, maybe try out some cooking recipes that are more fiddly? Stuff that takes prepping ahead of time, fussy chopping and plating techniques etc? what about researching spice blends and then making your own? That doesn't take long but it's quite rewarding to use your own spic
  14. It's good that you know your own weaknesses around food are. The reason that the rule may be more impactful for some than others is because we have to make one program with one set of rules for hundreds of thousands of participants with different context. It's great that tortillas aren't a problem for you but the rule stands because we can't really say 'no pancakes/tortillas except for if you feel you don't have a problem with them'. We do black and white so that it's easy to follow which also helps with habit forming because your brain is not required to activate around decisions - saves you
  15. We definitely encourage you to use the forum for journaling. The 'Join the Whole30' section is for discussions of preparing and doing the program - if someone new came along and saw 'scheduled day off plan' and didn't look back at 3 days of posts and conversation to get some context, you can see where that would be confusing.
  16. Don't skimp the starchy carbs - in general when we skimp on something our bodies need, that need comes out in other ways. Complex carbohydrates contain glucose molecules which provides energy and helps your brain function properly. When you skimp and your body needs those glucose molecules, it asks for them in easier and more direct ways. An abundance of things we eat turn to glucose (sugar) down the line - that's not the same as eating 'sugar' and shouldn't be considered as such. It's great that you're noticing that this is triggering your sugar dragon (which may not be the behavior dr
  17. I haven't read through this entire thread altho I noticed that it started in August. As you know, there are no 'scheduled off plan' days on a Whole30 so without reading through the entire thread, I can assume that you're in your food freedom? If so and there's no one on this thread who is still doing a W30 from August, I'm going to move it to the food freedom/after W30 section of the forum so as not to confuse new people who may come along and wonder about scheduled days off. If you want it to stay here in the main board, then I'll ask that you go through your posts and remove anything that
  18. if no sugar is listed and no other incompatible ingredients listed, then yes, this would be fine. We would suggest drinking it in moderation (as a mocktail or similar) and not letting it replace water for you.
  19. Can you send a link or a screen shot to where it says that something with dextrose is Whole30 compatible? I can't find any under their Whole30 approved section that are incompatible - they do have recipes that have incompatible ingredients in them for other eating programs which would be incompatible with the program. I can't find the cream of broccoli soup that you mention. I've given a heads up to HQ about this as well but in the meantime, if you're able to provide a bit more info, that will help them in quickly getting anything resolved that needs to be resolved Thanks
  20. Depression and mood disorders have been discussed at length on this forum and some of those discussions are around medication - google Whole30 forum + depression for instance to get the previous conversations. Please make sure that you are speaking with your care team about potentially going off medication - not only do some meds have a withdrawal concern but your doctor and health care providers should be checking in regularly with you to make sure that you're doing well and adjust/add meds back if needed. If you can't go off the meds, can you look at switching to something different? Pa
  21. Headaches suck! Sorry you guys aren't feeling well. The only extra thing I can suggest as far as intake is to make sure you're salting your food but honestly, it's definitely realistic to think this is environmental... barometer changing, temp dropping, fall allergies (ya, that's a thing..), stress, poor sleep... Definitely take a headache remedy like Aleve or Advil or Tylenol so you're not suffering - if you think it might be sinuses, try a Tylenol sinus pill or flushing with a netty pot.
  22. Right you are, there are no ingredients in there that are not compatible with the Whole30. Enjoy to your heart's content
  23. Okay? It looks like you just rewrote my answer?
  24. Have you looked at the ingredients list to see what's in it? Does it have any ingredients that contradict the rules?
  25. Yes, there are no rules around when you can and cannot consume anything that is compliant with the program. However, we do really recommend that because the Whole30 also helps to reset hormones around hunger, wake, sleep etc... that you limit your intake of coffee or caffeinated beverages and ideally not consume them after noon but there is no rule around this so you're free to do what works for you.