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  1. It says 'contains milk' because it's made from butter and legally they have to say that but if it's clarified butter or ghee, with no other non compatible ingredients then go for it!
  2. Most legumes are not approved, it was just peas that were changed and altho chickpeas has peas in the name, they're actually biologically a legume (also known as Garbanzo beans). Chickpeas are still not compatible with the program.
  3. All of the recipes in the book would require that the ingredients were compatible with the program. For things like Dijon mustard, chili powder, tomato sauce etc... you need to go to your grocery store and read labels. There are dozens of tomato sauce brands that are compatible with the program and it would be impossible for us to list them, especially since recipes change and formulations can be different depending on the region or country you're in. If you're looking for products on our Whole30 Approved list, you can hit the Whole30 Approved button at the top of the website header her
  4. Your timing is impeccable - Melissa wrote an article about this just today... see if it helps
  5. Why is it non-negotiable? Can you use a milk alternative? Full Fat coconut milk froths up very nicely (I would even say better than dairy). The truthful answer is, if you choose to eat an offplan ingredient every day then you're not doing the program but that's not to say you can't get a lot of benefit from changing the way you eat even if you keep the milk...
  6. I'm positive the mental stress of doing the program is not going to be more than the mental stress of how it feels the next day to eat an entire bag of marshmallows... which I assume feels at least a little bit out of control.
  7. Welcome! If you google 'whole30 + topic' you usually get all the past discussions so you don't have to wait for us to reply because 'most' stuff has been 'can I have' answered. In this case, I googled 'whole30 tiger nuts' and got a bunch of past discussions. They are compatible with the program but as with all 'snack foods', keep an eye on how many you're eating as they can become very easy to mindlessly consume.
  8. If the ingredients on the label are all compatible with the program then yep!
  9. The ingredients appear to be compatible but we would recommend you eat these sparingly as with any nuts/seeds All the science behind the rules on Whole30 are outlined in detail in It Starts with Food. Alternately, you can dig through the archives using google and find many discussions on almost every topic. I've gotten you started here with a response from one of our previous moderators in an archived post. Most nuts and seeds deliver a high dose of omega6 fats. Most of us already have too many omega6s and we need to reduce omega6s and increase omega3 fats to achieve a proper balan
  10. Where did you double check? If you google Whole30 Peas, you get this article which states that all peas are compatible.
  11. Nope, we don't have recommendations for what type of alcohol you should drink - we do suggest that alcohol with gluten is reintro'd as a separate day from anything else. You should reintroduce the alcohol you can see yourself drinking and the ones that you want to know how they affect you. As for recommending red over white over rose over sparkling, there isn't a 'better' one so it's all up to personal experiment. Here's an old article that might help?
  12. We don't have a daily recipe app so it's likely a third party app that was giving out whole30 recipes. It would be impossible for us to say which one. As for Instagram, that's cloudbased so a new device would not cause you to lose followers or saved posts. Maybe reach out to Instagram Help for assistance with that. I've removed what appeared to be your phone number and your email address to prevent you becoming a victim of spambots.
  13. Well dairy shouldn't be a problem because it's not compatible with the program in any form. As for eggs, you definitely don't have to eat them - usually people who are worried about eggs are thinking about standard breakfasts but we're big proponents of eating whatever you eat for other meals at breakfast which opens up a world of non egg possibilities.
  14. You really need to ask at the store that you bought them at to see the ingredient list - I assume these are in bulk where you scoop yourself? Usually those places have the ingredients on the price sticker so maybe have a look? What might be on the ingredient list at my store could indicate an old or new formulation, a regional difference etc... and potentially wouldn't be accurate for the product you have.
  15. Oh that's strange - we don't require people to know the rules to the program to join the site so that sounds like maybe, altho you answered the security question correctly (yes, coffee is compatible to the whole30) that maybe something else was going on with your sign-up process. The security questions are just to prove you're not a robot as we've had trouble with spammers here in the past, not to test your knowledge of the program before you join the forum. Sorry that happened.
  16. There's not really Whole30 recipes for shakes/smoothies because we generally encourage people not to consume them, however, any smoothie or shake you make that has Whole30 compatible ingredients is considered Whole30 compatible. I would encourage you to rely on them only when you're having those really rough days and on the other days, work at making your meals match the template so that on the smoothie days, you don't end up behind the eight ball because ground up fruit, liquid and protein powder are not going to get you very far consistently. I hope you find some relief from your chall
  17. Could you try eating more of a mini meal instead of just plain fruit or veg? A hardboiled egg and some mayo, some leftover chicken, meatballs with avocado etc... along with your fruit/veg.
  18. Hey there. I can't find anywhere on Chris Kresser's site where he lists his 30 day reset do's and don'ts. Can you provide a link? My suspicion is that the one cup of coffee a day is for the same reason that Whole30 recommends that coffee be limited. Maybe this link will help?
  19. First, you didn't 'fail' the Whole30. That's very harsh. I'm going to post the link to our article that we suggest that you read about starting over but first, I'm going to share my thoughts. Soy can be hugely problematic for some people (myself included) and it's a completely unnecessary filler ingredient in most products you find it in. Part of doing the whole30 is to do the reintroductions and test for whether items bother you. BUT, unless he sprayed the actual potatoes with the spray or you licked the baking sheet clean or he put so much of the spray that the potatoes were
  20. Yes, as long as you can find a product that has compatible ingredients. The one thing is that we recommend post workout not include fat - fat slows the absorption of protein which for meals is what we want so that you stay full longer. For post workout, we don't want it slowed, we want the protein to uptake as quickly as possible. Now, that all said, unless you're a pro athlete or training for some type of body building competition, eating fat with your post workout is not going to be problematic, you just might find that your recovery rates are slightly slower. If a hardboiled egg and s
  21. The Whole30 is not a weightloss diet so we don't really give out tips/pointers on how to hack it for weight loss. Some people do lose weight on it if it's a drastic change to their way of eating. The one thing I will say is if you are restricting or undereating or choosing not to eat the recommended amount of fat, you will be doing your body a disservice which could cause it to hold on to weight. Bodies lose weight when they feel safe to do so... think about before food was available 24/7... your body wouldn't have dropped weight during a famine because it would have held on to every mor
  22. I'm not sure what yeast 'supplements' are. If it's yeast extract or nutritional yeast, these are fine. Meat sticks are exactly what they sound like... meat in the shape of a stick Here's a link to an option on Thrive
  23. Hi Chris; Yes, this is fine, assuming there are no off plan ingredients in it. Couple things - usually people who eat following the template which should get you about 3-9 cups of veggies a day, don't need a fibre supplement to be going to the bathroom so you may find that as you go through the 30 days, you don't need this. Second, just so you don't have to wait for a response - almost everything like this has been asked and answered on the forum so if you use google (cause our search function kind of sucks), you can find previous posts about the thing you're looking for. For i
  24. You should fix a plate of food according to the template that keeps you full for 4-5 hours between meals. There's no one size fits all because each person's needs, activity and body type are different - I think the servings are a suggestion altho I can't say I ever look at the serving sizes because I just make a thing and then use it as part of a template meal. The template is linked in my signature below if you need a quick look. Also, it's great that you don't have anyone to share with! That means leftovers!! (I live alone also!)