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I am on Day 2 and loving the program so far.  Just a question about the serving sizes of side dish recipes from the Whole 30 book.  Most say serves 2, but both side dishes I have made were huge!  There is no way I could have eaten half of that!!  Last night was 1/2 lb of beans with other veggies and tonight was the cabbage slaw that would have had me eating half a medium cabbage.  Is that really the amount of veggies we should be having with our meals or does it differ for how hungry you are?

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I often eat more than a pound of veggies with my meals, but I am the biggest eater I know. :)


As a recipe writer, it is always difficult to advise others regarding serving sizes. A growing teenager might eat the whole thing, while 4 adults might share the dish. Don't expect too much from serving size advice. 


When the meal template says fill your plate with veggies, we do mean FILL your plate. Fill would mean 1-2 inches of cooked veggies covering the plate except for the space taken by a palm-size portion of protein. Another guideline we offer is 1-3 cups of cooked veggies with an emphasis more on the 3 end of the scale. 


When you say beans, I hope you mean green beans, because beans in general are legumes and not okay during a Whole30. 

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