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leg cramps?


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I just reintroduced gluten last night (tempura sushi and a cinnamon roll..I know, weird combo) and this morning I woke up with majorlly stiff joints (hands, knees, feet)...as the day went on, the stiffness subsided, but now I have super tight calves (feels like I am wearing compression socks which I am not) AND charley horse cramps in both quads. Any clue as to if this is from the gluten? I had the same calf tightness last Friday, the day after running 10 miles. But in today's case, all I did the past couple days was walk and a 30 min. strength DVD.

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I had gluten-free grains on Tuesday and had a definite increase in my knee stiffness and pain the following morning.


Have you done any foam rolling or mobility work? Maybe it's possible that you're not fully recovered from the 10 miler and the reintroductions were the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back?

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