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Mariah's Whole 30!


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I'm on day two now of the Whole 30. I started August 9th (didn't even wait til Monday!). I read through the website and did some minimal planning. I normally already follow a pretty low sugar, low grain diet, although since my daughter was born in October things have gotten a bit screwy with hormones, cravings, breasfeeding hunger, depression, and now a bout of weird inexplicable allergies and (TMI) more or less constant diarrhea. I need to get things sorted out here. It's been a rough year and I need the confidence boost of completing something in its entirety. Moving back to my hometown in six weeks, and I want to look and feel fabulous for my "grand return" and start of a new, exciting, and demanding job. A friend of mine did this program last summer and I remember running into her and almost not recognizing her, she looked so amazing, healthy, and happy! 

I'm hoping to.....

Reset my relationship with food

Lose a few pounds

Determine the cause of the allergies

Feel great, have tons of energy to be the best mom I can be!


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Day 1:


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado, homemade tomato-cilantro salsa

Lunch: Tuna salad with homemade mayo, wrapped in lettuce leaves; an apple and almond butter

Supper: Ribs, potatoes, green beans

Evening snack: raisins 


Exercise: 6 km run with stroller


Feel: not great, pretty lethargic and irritable. Familiar pains of tenosynovitis in wrist, SPD in sacroiliac joint from pregnancy

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Day 2:


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado, homemade salsa, black espresso

Lunch: Homemade potato salad with eggs, celery, apple

Late lunch: Sauteed chicken breast and zucchini

Supper: Shredded cabbage "spaghetti" with meat sauce


Exercise: 6km jog/walk


Feel: like complete and utter garbage, head pounding, zero energy, went to bed at 8pm


Side note; had a brief panic after giving my teething baby some liquid Advil. It dripped on my hand and just out of automatic reaction, I licked it off! It is like a syrup. I made the executive decision that this is not worthy of a complete re-start. 

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Day 3: 


Breakfast: kale, cashew, mushroom, chicken scramble (yum!) and some black espresso.


Lunch: Homemade potato salad with a can of sockeye salmon dumped on top -- YUM


Supper: Procuitto-wrapped shrimp, avocado, and peppers (I know, right!!) with roasted 7-spice cauliflower




Feel much better than yesterday! A minor, lingering headache but nothing like yesterday's blinding pain! Feeling pretty energetic, can't wait for my kid to wake up from naptime so we can walk into the market and pick up some more essentials - ghee, coconut milk, yams (I'm still nursing so need a bit more carbs to make sure my supply doesn't collapse) and hopefully track down some compliant BACON which would just make my whole world complete! 


Went on a fun hunt this morning after Salsa Babies class. Found Ghee, coconut milk with no additives, some salt-cured proscuitto, and some compliant sausages. And splurged on a top-notch roasting chicken. I also stopped into Chapters and eyed up the Whole 30 book. But since it's a Whole Thirty (four) dollars, (Two deluxe chickens' worth!) I decided to use it as a reward for reaching the one week mark. Seven perfect days, then I buy the book :)


Another update: I did not feel the slightest urge to snack last night. Normally after baby goes to bed, me and hubby sit on the couch in a haze and devour some kind of crap. I wasn't even tempted!

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Day 4: 


Breakfast: 1/3 can of coconut milk, banana, sausage, 2 eggs, yam, zucchini, pepper, onion scramble


Lunch: Cabbage "spaghetti" with meat sauce topped with kimchi (YUM), coconut flakes


Supper: Whole ghee-roasted chicken, potatoes, squash, and garden salad with avocado


Exercise: Yin Yoga (1hr), 45 min walk with stroller


Woke up with the headache still lingering :( I was hoping that the timeline would be right and I'd be into "kill all the things" mode, leaving the sugar hangover behind. I guess I was really delusional about my "healthy" diet before, because this detox process is torturous!


Something really interesting happened this morning though -- I was about to make coffee, when I realized that I didn't want it. That is really insane because I have drank it EVERY MORNING for oh, about 16 years. Without exception. So here I am drinking some green tea instead. Whooooooaaaaa


Update: Green tea on an empty stomach makes me puke. I got one whiff of my sausage cooking in ghee and blew chunks. oh my. 


Evening: feeling good. Headache pretty much gone. Gassssssssssssy.

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Day 5!


Breakfast: Scramble with moroccan beef sausage, eggs, yams, cabbage, zucchini, peppers ,onions garlic, watermelon on the side, coffee with coconut cream


Morning mini-meal: Roast chicken, carrot sticks, blueberries, handful of almonds


Lunch: Chicken salad, with homemade mayo; celery, grapes, peppers, almonds


Supper: Pork chops, cauliflower, and carrots, baked in coconut milk with thai spice; watermelon


Exercise: 5km walk




OMG! It happened! I had a super vivid food dream! I dreamt I was tucking into a platter of perfectly crispy cheese nachos, fresh out of the oven, with the cheese bubbling and crispy and the chips just slightly browned and extra crunchy! When I read about this phenomenon, I was like, "yeah right.... that's silly..... not gonna happen to me" but it did. And it was hyper-real. 


Woke up with a slight headache, but coffee vanquished it. 


Things are rolling with our cross-country move now.... and I feel pretty on top of things. Instead of rushing for cookies or wine I am rolling with it, getting sh!t done, feeling fine. Not the best sleep last night, baby woke me around midnite and I couldn't get back to sleep for hours, tossing and turning. 

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Day 6:


Breakfast: Sausage, two boiled eggs, banana, yam& zucchini "hash", coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Can of sardines in olive oil, carrot and celery sticks, grapes, handful of cashews

Late Lunch: Pork sausage (spicy italian) sauteed cabbage and onion, apple

Supper: Meatloaf, mashed yams, green beans


Exercise: 5km stroller walk




I'm legitimately shrinking here! Also, wow! Day six without even a hitch. I am rocking this! The boost to my confidence is insane. I feel great. 


Also, did I mention that I haven't had one outbreak of hives since Day 1? This is awesome. And my energy level is astounding. I feel like I have extra limbs and brain cells. I'm orchestrating a cross-country move in the middle of all this and instead of feeling like I'm falling apart, I'm thriving. 

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Day 7 (Yay..... one week!)


Breakfast: Sausage, scrambled eggs, yam/zucchini hash, tomato, blueberries, espresso with coconut cream (aka Your Typical Diet Breakfast)

Lunch: leftover meatloaf, bell pepper, celery stalks, 1/2 avocado, watermelon, coconut chips

Supper: Meatloaf, yam/zucchini patties, steamed kale, two eggs

Post-race mini meal: sausage, yam hashbrowns



Picked up my race package yesterday, running a 10k race tonight! Im a little worried how this is going to play out, but hey..... it's all about following through. A week ago, feeling tired and lethargic and fat after a week of basically bingeing on booze and junk at the cabin, I was seriously considering bailing on it. But now I am doing it. And I feel good about that. And I feel good in general. 10k is not a "huge huge" deal for me, my goal is to run the entire way without any breaks. 


I DID IT.  And I totally killed it!! I was shooting for something around 1:15 and got under 1:14! And I felt SOOO good. Not only did I run all the way, but I was passing people all the way. And it was a night race so felt really epic. I was like a panther in the grass, picking off the slow and weak as I ploughed through. Kept up my pace the entire way, without stopping or walking ONCE. 

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Day 8


Breakfast: Omelette packed with sausage, peppers, onion, mushroom; half avocado, tomato, red grapes

Lunch: pile 'o lettuce with a can of tuna, some kimchi, and a watermelon slice

Supper: Ah-may-zing coconut chicken curry with cauliflower, apricots, raisins, ,peppers, onion


Exercise: Walk 5km to the farmer's market and back. 


Had the funniest dream and woke up so glad it wasn't real! I dreamt a coworker had a literal hoard of doughnuts hidden in her desk. And for some reason I "had" to taste them to see if they were stale or not. Hahah. In the dream I spat it out but then was immediately like, "NOOOOO now I'm gonna have to restart my Whole 30!"


Can't believe I'm not sore today after that 10k last night! WTF! No inflammation or pain in my pelvic joints (spd) which has plagued my since pregnancy. 


The sheer quantity of food I'm consuming at each meal is unreal. I had two bowls of curry. My breakkie was enormous. But I love not needing to snack in between! Normally if we were out and about, I would suddenly have an overwhelming need to eat, get shaky and angry and weak and pull over somewhere and buy a protein bar or something. Now I feel so much more level!

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Omg! I love that you have no pain!!! That is super encouraging to me! I'm just on day 5. Souns like you are doing great and all off plan eating is happening in your subconscious at night, lol! I too had some of the issues, like (TMI) in your intro and it's gone. Q.do you do yoga at home or a class? I need to do more yin yoga and would love a recommendation if it's something I could do at home!

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Day 9:


Breakfast: Leftover chicken coconut curry (because...... curry. And because..... egg fatigue); espresso with coconut cream; raspberries

Lunch: Halibut steak (half off at Loblaws.... score) sauteed eggplant, cherry tomatoes, and watermelon

Supper: dijon pork chops, steamed broccoli, yam wedges, sauteed onions




Something interesting happened last night. Me and hubby were watching some tube in the evening after putting baby to sleep. He went into his regular snack mode, and I decided, hey, all those fresh raspberries - I'm gonna have some. Totally compliant, right?? But I found they felt weird. I realized that a lot of my extra eating comes from anti-wastage neurosis. I hate throwing things out, so use myself as a garbage pail -- wtf? Also, even though snacking isn't breaking a "rule" (and I'm giving myself some grace there, anyways, with the breastfeeding and all) but it felt like somewhat of a betrayal, nonetheless. Also I felt kind of a sadness. I love raspberries, but I didn't attribute the kind of pleasure to them that I normally do. Does that make sense? It would be nothing for me, normally, to polish off a few pints of them in one sitting. So, even though they're healthy, I guess in some ways they're a bit of a trigger food for me. I'm gonna eat some for breakkie anyways, with a meal, as Rx'd. 


I love how this whole thang makes me get a bit creative for meals! Who says just because it's lunch time, you have to eat something shaped like a sandwich?? 


3pm and I'm tiiiiiiired


Reeaaaaally tired this evening and for the first time since starting this, I feel my motivation flagging. When I pulled out the parchment paper to make supper the pic on the box is of these unreal, perfect, chocolate chip cookies baking on a pan. Definitely a problem food for me. I have actually made whole batches of cookies and eaten a dozen or more in one sitting, until I feel sick. As an ex-smoker, I can now see that what I'm craving is the "rush" of the bite, the taste, the texture, the warmth. It has nothing to do with sustenance, it has nothing to do with health or hunger even. But I get it. Maybe being removed from it is helping me to have some context for these cravings. 

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Morning! I'm happy you are keeping on! Every person a few days ahead of me inspires me to persist! Last 2 days really felt like tossing in the towl in the eve, mostly bc I wanted to go off plan. Thanks for the yoga vids - gonna check them out after I walk my pup!

re: raspberries, Love 'em! Used to live where we could go and pick flats of the gems, always joked that they should weigh us before and after we entered the fields as I'm sure we were much heavier leaving ;) Hope your energy comes up and you become fat adapted soon!!

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Day 10! (Woooooo, double digits!)


Breakfast: leftover halibut, two poached eggs, sauteed zucchini, red grapes, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: chicken, cauliflower, coconut, apricot, raisin, curry. Cucumbers, apple, and cashews. 

Afternoon espresso with coconut milk

Supper: Roast beef, potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots



I had the BEST SLEEP EVER...... I feel so great. Wow. All through my pregnancy and (obviously!) with a baby I could count on one hand how many 5+ hour sleeps I've had in the last two years. And last night I slept SOLID from 9:30 - 6:30!! Too bad it is gonna be a scorching, muggy day, because I feel like going on an epic adventure!

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Day 11:


Breakfast: smoked trout, and omelette packed with onions, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms; espresso with coconut cream

Lunch: Leftover roast beef, kimchi, sauteed eggplant and zucchini, coffee #2

Supper: 2 homemade turkey burger patties with sundried tomatoes, garden salad, homemade dressing


Exercise: 6km walk with stroller


My head feels really clear. After a year of extreme emotional highs and lows, and some serious despair, I just feel really grounded. Confident. Resilient. I am a pretty goshdarned amazing woman. I landed an incredible dream job (starting in September) and I've worked so hard to get to where I'm at now. I'm proud of myself. And I'm so proud of myself for getting to Day 11 without even the slightest whisper of a cheat! I can see why it's so important that the program is black and white with regards to what's allowed. On a regular diet, there's so many opportunities to eat "maybe ok" things that it ends up getting sabotaged almost instantly. This is so clear. I love it! I am actually already starting to feel anxious about what comes next. There's no way I'm going back to eating crap all the time, or letting my moods dictate how I eat. 

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Day 12! 


Breakfast: Smoked trout, scrambled eggs, yam hashbrowns, sliced tomatoes, double espresso (This felt like not enough veggies - I need to restock ;)

Lunch: Roast beef, salad, kimchi, sauteed zucchini

Supper: Pork tenderloin, baked squash, steamed string beans


Oh man. What an insane day! Its 2pm and I haven't even had time to get out of my PJs between taking care of LO and frantically flinging paperwork prepping for our big cross-country move. I am absolutely in manic mode here, getting eighteen million things taken care of. I am dying to go for a run and run off some of this nervous energy, I feel like I'm gonna blow. Sooooo much to take into consideration -- childcare, insurance, travel, movers, house shopping, selling our existing house.... I've never dealt with anything quite so complicated. All in all though, I feel pretty on top of things. If I wasn't on Whole 30 I would have DEFINITELY already inhaled a whole tube of Pilsbury cookies (baked or not). But instead I had a steak salad.... whaaaaa!?

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Day 13:


Breakfast: Omelette scramble, peppers, mushrooms, leftover pork roast, coffee with coconut cream

Lunch: Tuna, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with olive oil, fresh apricots

Dinner: Paleo thai spice wings (OMG YUM), steamed asparagus, homemade potato wedges



I wore a pair of pants today that I bought only two weeks ago (and these babies were SNUG when I tried them on) today I had to find a belt! I cannot believe it, I am filling my face and losing weight like mad here. Basically drinking fat out of a can and I'm not tracking calories but it's gotta be close to 2500. Amazing. I will not succumb to the curiosity and weight myself though. Good thing I don't have a scale in the house, I usually go down to Dr. Berensteins and use theirs (and now, laugh at the suckers using that starvation strategy to lose weight!)

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Day 14: (Wow two weeks!! Killing it!!)


Breakfast: Sausage, omelette with spinach and mushrooms, sliced tomato, sauteed zucchini, coffee with coconut

Lunch: Three wing drumsticks, piece of tenderloin, grapes, sauteed peppers and chard

Mini snack: can of sardines

Dinner: Went out to a snazzy restaurant for our second anniversary! I'm pretty sure SOMETHING I ate was against the rules, but I did my very best without being "one of those people": Drank San Pelligrino fizzy water all night with lime, appy of smoked duck and plums, entree of seared halibut and swiss chard, dessert of fresh berries! (and a few  bites of my husband's filet mignon) The bread basket sat there all night laughing at me, but I didn't cave -- even though I was starved by the time we  sat down :) What a great feeling to leave a restaurant not feeling bloated and drunk, haha!


Exercise: half hour power yoga routine, lots of walking


First major eating out challenge tonight ---- our second anniversary dinner!! It was hard to say "no" to champagne :( but this is worth it. 

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Day 15: 


Breakfast: Yam hashbrowns, three poached eggs, a cup of steamed spinach, half avocado, coffee with coconut

Brunch: Went out to a diner. I had scrambled eggs and home fries -- I asked the server whether they were deep-fried or pan fried, she said pan-fried, but when they arrived they were suspiciously golden :( I ate them anyways, figuring I had done my due diligence, but they are sitting in my gut like a rock. So, although I've followed the rules and been good the past 24 hours, it hasn't really been great.

Supper: Pan seared sea bass and steamed broccoli, grapes 



I am tiiiiiiired..... girlie did not sleep well last night AT ALL. 


I am SO BUMMED about that stupid brunch. Looks like I am doing a Whole 45. I feel so discouraged. I was on cloud nine that past week or so, once I finished the sugar detox stage.... now I feel worse than before I started! 

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Day 16:


Breakfast: two fried eggs, strawberries, wilted chard, sausage

Lunch: can of salmon, baked yam, celery, carrots, tomato, grapes

Snack: handful of coconut chips (was feeling faint right before supper! Should have eaten more lunch)

Dinner: Roasted chicken, green beans amandine, roasted beets and carrots


Exercise: 8km walk and jog intervals


Feeling pretty good today! Still bummed about yesterday's brunch snafu, but really just shaking it off. I did what I could, it was our anniversary and going out for brunch has always been one of our "things". It may "Start With Food" but, my friends, it does not "End With Food" and finding a balance between eating super healthy, and respecting the other things in life that matter, like relationships, that is important to me. All in all, a few hashbrowns is not going to make me throw in the towel. I wasn't really planning on stopping at 30 days anyways, so extending it as far as possible is not going to do me any harm. I can't really see myself going back to the bloated, fat, depressed, mess that I was before. In two weeks, I've already changed so much, my energy level is incredible, my skin is glowing, I've lost weight, I'm full of optimism and I walk down the street smiling at people!

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