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When to eat when you get up early/exercise, then work.


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I wake up at 5am and usually eat my breakfast before I workout at 6am. I leave the gym around 7 and have to be to work by 7:40. So I have no time after my workout to eat before I get to work. This is what I'm thinking of doing and tell me if you think this will work. I teach 1st grade so this is tricky.


5 am-eat a full breakast before the gym


7am Is there anything I could eat that would be a good post workout food? I would need to be able to shove it in my mouth and chew while in the shower. :D


10:30-snack? Advice? I have 15 minutes where kids are at recess.


12:00 Lunch


4:00-I'm home from work but it seems too early to eat. Snack again? Hold out for supper?




Thank you so much for any help. I do have a small fridge in my room so storing food isn't a problem.


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I'm often seen heading to the shower with a mouthful of hard boiled egg whites or strained tuna (in spring water) and both are very portable...

If it were me I'd do without that snack @ 10:30, but you may find starting out that you need it - aim for at least two of the three macro-nutrients, so say fat & protein, fat & carbs, or protein & carbs. Don't rely on fruit for a snack.

I'd definitely wait for supper and not have the snack in the afternoon.

Your digestive system needs time to rest in between meals and snacking doesn't allow this, plus you want to build your meals to being enough to satiate you for at leat 4-5hrs - after this is when the magic starts to happen & your body turns to it's fat stores to keep you going. I often go 6-7hrs between meals.

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Okay that's very helpful. So if for breakfast I had an omelet or frittata with chicken sausage, would that be enough? Egg whites are a good idea for a quick protein. I'm thinking I might also cook up some chicken and eat a portion of that while heading home from gym.

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