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New and one week into Whole30...


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I started Whole30 August 18 at the recommendation of the new naturopathic doctor I started seeing. She said if she was going to write a book for me to reverse my health issues, this would be the one.


My main health concern was being pre-diabetic (also known as insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome). The first day my fasting glucose was 124 (normal is anything below 100). It has gone down every day since being on this plan and this morning it was 103. Such a wonderful verification that this is working.


So, I'm encouraged. It hasn't been too hard so far. My main challenge is menu planning for a family, but they understand that I won't always be eating what they are. I did well yesterday with doing a birthday lunch for one of my daughters who requested grilled corn on the cob and homemade mashed potatoes (both with butter!). I know I could have had some mashed potatoes before adding any milk or butter but I wanted fresh fruit so I chose that instead. Being pre-diabetic, I do have to be careful with the carbs so sometimes I have to choose between foods that are both higher that way.


My biggest temptation has been to get on the scale! lol  I do need to lose weight and I am trusting that this will do that as well. But the main focus is on the food itself for healing for now.

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